Dan Fagan, Glen Biegel and me

I’m joining Dan Fagan and Glen Biegel on their show tomorrow 7:30 a.m. to interview GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan. Tune in at 95.5 FM, and 1080 AM in Anchorage and 92.5 FM and 1020 AM in the Valley. Or listen on line here


15 thoughts on “Dan Fagan, Glen Biegel and me

  1. Katnip Cate

    They ran and ad on Craigslist for the position, offering 12 bucks an hour.

    What do you expect for 12 bucks an hour ?

  2. SANDY W.

    Fagan is okay, somewhat entertaining. Today, however, he allowed Bonnie to rant out of control at Sullivan. She has no credibility with me. Her questions are shallow and her defenses a joke. If this show stays around it will either wallow in mediocrity at best or Fagan needs to replace the woman or get rid of her. He should be embarrassed by her.

  3. Lynn Willis

    I missed the posting last night. Well, I guess I was in the right church but the wrong pew…..

  4. Lynn Willis

    I missed the posting last night. Well, I guess I was in the right church but the wrong pew…..

  5. Lynn Willis

    Thanks for the notice Amanda. I will listen tomorrow. I only listen to Dan Fagan’s show for any period of time when you are on the program although you hardly seem to get a word in between the daily sermons from Dan.
    Dan Fagan has changed since he returned and now he is just another Alaska pseudo-Republican who rants continually about those “God given rock solid family values” then is very selective about which values qualify for the list or who should have to live by them. For example how about the “family values” of integrity and honesty? Mr. Fagan now excuses blatant criminal activity when that action might besmirch a fellow party member or cloud a future run in two years for US Senate when Lisa Murkowski’s term expires. I was amazed the other day when Fagan said he was OK with the final resolution of Parnell’s creating a state job for a sitting legislator in direct violation of the State Constitution and with the absolute failure of then Attorney General Dan Sullivan to pursue any investigation. Apparently all it took to assuage Mr. Fagan was when the legislator in question resigned the position. No problem with the act of creating the job and certainly no question about what she had done for how long to receive the quid pro quo. All is now wonderful because she quit after the scandal was exposed. I would like to have Dan Fagan on a jury judging me for bank robbery if I could prove I gave the money back and therefore have actually committed no crime.
    What about the “family value” of thrift as it relates to stewardship of our state savings and the matter of recent unsustainable state budgets which now have us in deficit spending? Again that is apparently perfectly acceptable to Dan Fagan as long as a Republican majority creates these budgets and a Republican Governor refuses to strike one line from these budgets. When spending is involved never question the motive of those who support the party. For instance, the contractors who contribute to the party and advertise for school construction bonds are all good and only seek government sole source contracts (such as the LIO refurbishment) to provide for the common good.
    Apparently the only “family value” that now counts is loyalty; however, only loyalty to a particular political party. Dan Fagan preaches the new state republican party line which is to ignore the fiscal damage of the last few years because future productions of gas and oil will certainly once again, not only replenish our rapidly depleting savings accounts, but also again pave Alaskan streets in gold. Faith alone should us through. If you refuse to have blind faith and belief in the party doctrine you are very suspect of being just another non-believing, abortion loving, gun hating, and progressive liberal.

  6. TrueConservative

    Joe Miller has 100% chance. He is the only one who motivates the base and can build a coalition of conservatives to beat Begich. Just take a like at the recent string of endorsements – Palin, Levin, Huckabee. If Mead or Dan win the primary true conservatives will stay home.

  7. Jack

    Terrible show. While I had held out great hope for Dan Fagan, today was my final time listening. There is only one show worth listening to – – Rick Rydell.
    Rick’s show maintains a modicum of decorum and an IQ level tolerable. Dan Fagan started out, upon his return, with a killer show; unfortunately, both Glenn and particularly Bonnie lower the level of the discussion. I wish the truth was different.

  8. Gerry

    I listen to the Fagan show from time to time. Frankly speaking, Amanda, I would encourage you to think twice before participating on the Fagan show with that other woman. She is such a dimwit that her presence drags the intellectual quality of the conversation down significantly. You don’t need to associate yourself with dimwits. Your brand shines.

  9. Radio Fan

    FAGAN : Your associate, Bonnie, makes Bernadette look like a mental giant. Come on, Fagan. We expect better from you. She’s ruining your show. Have you listened to her? Horrible.

  10. Anonymous

    That interview changed my vote. I was 100% for Dan until I heard the way he tried to sidestep the questions in that interview. You want to talk about someone out of their league and not ready to be one of 100. Pro tip Dan, take a public speaking class. If I had to hear one more “um”, my ears would have started bleeding. So once again, the Republican Party has left me with the lesser of two evils to choose from, Mead the guy that likes to through his political weight around and Joe the guy with so much baggage that he has no chance. The good news is neither of them can be as bad as what we have now.

  11. Anonymous

    AWESOME HARD HITTING QUESTION “Has anything surprised you on the campaign trail?”


    Thank goodness there is another woman on the program with an actual thinking brain.

    Will one of you ask Sullivan how he plans to fund his grand plans to “secure our borders”? Nope it’s beyond your fledgling intellect.

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