Harry Reid haunts Alaska Senate debate

Where Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s ears might have been burning this afternoon? They should have been, Here’s one recap, courtesy of KTUU’s Austin Baird, of the Senate debate between Sen. Mark Begich and GOP challenger Dan Sullivan:

Here’s another recap:

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2 thoughts on “Harry Reid haunts Alaska Senate debate

  1. Garand Fellow

    Senator Harry Reid is anti-Second Amendment and anti-Alaska, and therefore I would worry about the loyalties of any Alaskan who would support him, any time and for any reason. I think that Afghan Dan Sullivan will be a winner come Nov. 4, but it would be tragic if I am wrong and Alaska turned out to be the deciding vote for Obama court appointees, ANWR and other matters important to Alaskans.

    The only avenue Alaskans have to register our discontent with the Obama White House and Harry Reid is to vote for Afghan Dan. I already have, and it feels great to do so! God Bless America.

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