Parents of Senate candidate Sullivan gave $300,000 to Crossroads

U.S. GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s parents, Sandra and Thomas Sullivan, gave $300,000 to the Karl Rove-affiliated super-PAC, American Crossroads on Aug. 29. The donation was first reported by the Center for Public Integrity, which also reported that the donation had been reported incorrectly.

The Sullivan family gave another pro-Sullivan super-PAC, Alaska-based “Alaska’s Energy / America’s Values.” $375,000 pre-primary.

Mark Begich’s campaign pounced, charging that the Sullivans were trying to “buy their son a Senate seat.” The Alaska AFL-CIO affiliated Alaska Workers’ Voice took it further in a sarcasm-drenched tweet:


12 thoughts on “Parents of Senate candidate Sullivan gave $300,000 to Crossroads

  1. Nchong

    Actually the competition for the price point is other in-season wild salmon fisheries – such as from Russia, Canada, and Korea.
    Alaska has done a good job of marketing wild Alaska salmon as a niche market that is not in competition with farmed salmon.
    And again, harvesters in Alaska deal with wild salmon, the processors deal in both wild and farmed salmon in their company portfolio.

  2. Gadid Gal

    If DNR Dan’s brother has ” done business as a seafood buyer in Alaska for a long time” – why hasn’t Dan mentioned that “fact”?

    The lengthy Ohio Magazine article did not mention the word Alaska – but it talked about Navillus buying lots of fresh farmed Atlantic salmon from Norway. The fact that some major Alaska seafood companies also have farmed salmon in their portfolios is not the same as a candidate running for office.

    Something smells fishy here – and once again, it’s DNR Dan.

  3. Mae

    So L48 Dan’s family deals in farmed salmon. Interesting revelation.

    In Alaska, Alaskans deal in wild salmon. Farmed salmon is the competition.

  4. Nchong

    Dan Sullivan’s brother Sean is the COO of EuroUSA which is an importer and distribution of specialty foods including fresh seafood from Alaska. He has done business as a seafood buyer in Alaska for a very long time. As anon should know people aren’t here to buy farmed salmon in Alaska.

    But many of our major seafood processors in Alaska also purchase and distribute farmed salmon in order to stay relevant in one half of the global seafood marketplace, which is aquaculture.

  5. Anonymous

    When will the news break that the OH Sullivan family is in the fish business – selling farmed salmon??!
    There was a big article in Ohio Magazine last month about the company called Navillus (Sullivan spelled backwards) and how it has grown to be a multi million dollar fish distribution company. Not an Alaska fish to be seen or mentioned. Yep, DNR Dan has some ‘splaining to do.

  6. Ohio Florida

    I get all confused about Ohio and Florida too.

    Miami University and all those beaches on Lake Erie.

    Well played Sullivans. Well played.

    They shopped around and found

    that Alaska’s Senate seat was the cheapest to buy.

  7. A. Nani Moose

    How does anyone make a mistake about reporting $300,000?

    Can we think about this for a second as reasonable, rational adults? Does anyone among us believe for one pitiful second that this was in any way a mistake? The “mistake” in the eyes of American Xroads is that the story was reported. THAT was the mistake. There was no dopey intern who accidentally reported the wrong address. How any of you can not be absolutely sickened by this is beyond my intellectual grasp.

  8. Arthur Digby Sellers

    So go on… answer your question?

    How are the interests of a couple who owns a $3 million dollar vacation home in Florida aligned with Alaskans? I’m interested.

  9. Lynn Willis

    Other then routing the money to a PAC instead of a political party, this donation/gift is nothing new. Rich folks have been purchasing political careers for themselves and their children for many years. Think Roosevelt, Rockefeller, Kennedy, and others.
    Regardless of who “donates”, the question is: Are the interests of those who wrote the check aligned with the interests of Alaskans?

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