Parnell concedes to Walker

Gov. Sean Parnell conceded the race to Gov. Elect Bill Walker on Saturday evening. (Read my take on why he lost the race here.) The email that he sent addressed to Alaskans announcing his concession should serve as a model for all politicians. Here’s the email in full:

Dear Alaskan,

It has been an honor to serve as Governor of Alaska for more than five years. Sandy and I will always remain thankful and humble that we could work for you to create opportunities for every Alaskan.

After Friday’s vote counting by the Division of Elections, it became clear that while a win for the Parnell-Sullivan ticket was numerically possible, it is highly improbable. Where Alaska’s swearing-in date this year for the governor-elect is December 1st and where some ballots still must be counted, I deemed it in Alaskans’ interest to begin coordinating transition activities now with the Walker-Mallott ticket in the event the vote count holds.

I met this morning with Bill Walker to pledge an orderly transition. In line with this pledge, I offered office space for transition activities to the Walker-Mallott ticket as well as resources to accomplish the transition. We had what I believe to be a very productive discussion about how to work together for the benefit of Alaskans in this time of change in administration.

It is my fervent hope that Alaska’s trajectory for economic growth and individual safety and opportunity will be maintained. From bringing the Alaska LNG Project further than ever before; to creating Alaska Performance Scholarships for our young people; to being on track for natural gas to Fairbanks by 2016; to a Cook Inlet gas and economic resurgence; to reforming Alaska’s oil tax system to bring more North Slope investment and job activity than we’ve seen in decades (and more state revenue at these lower oil prices); to resolving the Point Thomson dispute and gaining first production there by 2016; and to leading our state in fighting the epidemic of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and sex trafficking – we have achieved a great deal for our state.

We respect the will of the voters, and offer Bill Walker, Byron Mallott and their families our sincere congratulations. Again, I want to thank our citizens for the honor of a lifetime.


Sean Parnell


5 thoughts on “Parnell concedes to Walker

  1. Brian S.

    I’d like to expree my gratitude to Governor Parnell and his wife, Sandy, for their service to Alaska. While we didn’t always agree or see eye-to-eye, I felt that the Parnell’s had the states best interests at heart. The Parnell’s represented the state with aplomb and grace even in the end with this statement of concession. I would respectfully request that Mr. Walker note and act accordingly. On a similar matter, I want to share my extreme disgust for Mark Begich. Begich is acting like a petulant 3 year old and is disgracing himself and our state.

  2. AH HA

    A class act.

    Mr. Begich, I know this is probably lost on you but, there is a lesson about humility and respect here.

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