Reform instead repeal gaining traction

Granted, I’m biased. Thanks to ObamaCare, I’m able to buy affordable health insurance on the private market for the first time. But soon, thousands of Alaskans will be as biased as I am. It’s not happening in Alaska yet, but Republican elsewhere are waking up. From the NYTs:

‘”It’s no longer just a piece of paper that you can repeal and it goes away,’ said Senator Ron Johnson, Republican of Wisconsin and a Tea Party favorite. ‘There’s something there. We have to recognize that reality. We have to deal with the people that are currently covered under Obamacare.'”


2 thoughts on “Reform instead repeal gaining traction

  1. Eliete

    Bush turned a 100 blloiin dollar surplus into a 1.7 trillion deficate, while Obama turned a 1.7 trillion dollar deficate into a 1.7 trillion dollar deficate, now considering Romney is basicly trying to use Bush’s policies, what makes you think omney won’t end up with a 3.5 trillion dollar deficate? The US national dept is at almost 100% GPD, as bad as that sounds this has happened twice before in US history and the US recovered (though it took years), Romney is not the answer.

  2. 49statethinker

    I hope that partisan politics is put aside and that the elected officials work together for the betterment of the ACA.

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