Republicans supporting gubernatorial candidate Walker

According to press release, here is a list of prominent Republicans who have committed to supporting gubernatorial “unity” ticket candidate Bill Walker:

  • Former First Lady Bella Hammond
  • Former First Lady Ermalee Hickel
  • Former Alaska State Senate President Clem Tillion
  • Former Alaska State Senate President Rick Halford
  • Former Alaska State Senator Arilss Sturgulewski
  • Former Alaska State Senator Linda Menard
  • Former Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor Jim Whittaker
  • Former Anchorage Assemblyman Dan Kendall
  • Former Alaska Attorney General Charlie Cole
  • Former Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Harold Heinze
  • Former Providence Health & Services Chief Executive Officer Al Parrish
  • Former Wally Hickel Ketchikan Campaign Manager Ann Graham Radford
  • Former Alaska Republican Party Chair Debbie Brown

12 thoughts on “Republicans supporting gubernatorial candidate Walker

  1. Mike

    And there was a time when adherence to core values and principles came before winning a single election. I’m writing-in Kim Metcalfe.

  2. R. Miller

    The Democrats are looking dumber by the day.
    In Juneau this week, Walker said that he would look at cutting Medicaid and education. Many people on this list were once active and vibrant leaders of ourr state. Some weren’t and never will be. What’s next, sociopaths for Walker – Mallott?
    Just glad I’m not one of those Democrats stupid enough to vote for Walker. Instead of cutting a dirty backroom deal like this, why didn’t the Ds become introspective and try to figure out why they have become so unpopular? This D, I can tell you, is voting for the Libertarian candidayte Care Clift. At least she is honest, supports a woman’s right to choice, respects the civil rights of the LBGT community and unlike Walker doesn’t change her story from one day to the next. Bill Walker is the equivalent of a political prostitute and the Democratic party is represented by a bunch of delusional nitwits. So, you want to really know what I think of this list?

  3. Anonymous

    Of course missing from this list is the late Governor Wally Hickel who asked Bill to run as an independent. It is fair to say that Wally had had no time for people without guts. He saw the incumbent as gutless.

    Some very, very good people on this list.

  4. Jim Bob

    Walker’s a Republican: of course he’ll get support from some people within his own party, even when he is not flying the official flag.

  5. Lynn Wilis

    State Representative to State Senator to Lt. Governor (where while serving in that office was willing to leave that office when he ran to be a U.S. Representative), to Governor. Certainly no self serving political ambition there……

  6. Anonymous

    And there was a time the good of the state came before blind ambition. Hence, I’ll be voting Parnell.

  7. Lynn Willis

    If you have lived in Alaska for any more than a couple of years you would recognize these names and to varying degrees respect the contribution they each made. There actually was a time when the good of Alaska came before blind party allegiance.

  8. Straitlaced Radical

    Shouldn’t be surprising that some Republicans would be supporting a guy who was a Republican until 3 weeks ago. It’s interesting to me that both guys in the governor race have support from both sides of the aisle.

  9. crystalwolf

    Steve Brostko October 1, 2014 at 12:20 am

    Walker is NOT Sarah palin version 2.0!!! SP v 2.0 duh!

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