Thank God it’s Friday’s random facts

  • A 2010 study published by the New England Journal of Medicine found that gay men reduced their risks of contracting HIV by up to 90 percent by taking a daily dose of an antiviral drug. A new study published by The Lancet showed drug addicts taking the pill regularly were 74 percent less likely to become infected.
  • The latest poll from YouGov shows that most Americans oppose arming Syrian rebels and intervening directly, with 54 percent opposing intervention and only 18 percent supporting it.
  • According to UA President Pat Gamble, the activities of UA employees that constitute inappropriate behavior: “unauthorized sleeping, reading, playing games, using the internet or telephone inappropriately, etc.”
  • Number of days since it was first reported in the media that in 2011 a UAA coach had struck a student with a hockey stick: 31.
  • Number of times the University of Alaska leadership has told the public that it’s wrong for one of their employees to hit a student: 0.
  • The term used by one witness to describe how the UAA hockey coach hit the kid with the stick: “”baseball-style.” The term used by UAA Chancellor Tom Case to describe the incident: “overstated.”
  • The number of Alaskans without health insurance pre-Obamacare: 130,000. The number of uninsured Alaskans post-Obamacare if state opts out of Medicaid expansion: 104,000. The number of uninsured Alaskans post-Obamacare if state opts into Medicaid expansion:  68,000.
  • Blue whale calves drink as much as 132 gallons of milk a day. A baby whale can increase its weight by 200 pounds in one day. Seal pups can double their birth weight in six days. Seal’s milk contains nearly twelve times as much fat as human milk.
  • Last year, Hallmark sold 94 million father’s day cards.
  • Alaskans eat more ice cream than Americans in any other state. The average Alaskan eats six gallons per year. The national average is four gallons per year.
  • In January, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. formally admitted about 30 members of the National LBGT Bar Association to the Supreme Court’s bar, the first time a gay legal group achieved that status.
  • Amount of money in new investment the big three oil companies have committed to spending in Alaska over the next five years post oil tax break: $1 billion, or $200 million a year.
  • Estimated yearly value to the big three from the tax break passed by the Alaska Legislature: anywhere from $2 billion to $600 million depending on the price of oil.
  • Nationwide housing sale prices rose 7.3 percent last year while prices in hard-hit Phoenix surged 23 percent. Other trouble spots, including Las Vegas and Riverside, California, have also experienced double digit gains.
  • Father’s Day was founded in Spokane, Washington at the YMCA in 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd. Its first celebration was in the Spokane YMCA on June 19, 1910.
  • Best father ever: John R. Coyne Jr.

One thought on “Thank God it’s Friday’s random facts

  1. WhatHappenToAmandaCoyne?

    Don’t you think you should mention you are Ashley Reed’s girlfriend when you write about UAA hockey/Cobb, etc? You’ve written many arcticles on this topic, including forshadowing Parnell’s letter to UAA regarding this issue — a letter some say your lobbyist boyfriend helped make happen (wonder how you knew what would happen).

    Are you even a journalist anymore? I liked it better when you and Hopfinger were exposing corruption — rather than you getting mixed up in.

    For more on Reed, which you won’t read here, check this story out by Steve Haycox –

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