The Alaska GOP Senate debate will go on

Below is the press release from Anchorage Republican Women’s Club chair Judy Eledge about the tumultuous GOP Senate debate. Eledge is the organizer of the debate and spent a very busy day Tuesday scrambling for a debate sponsor, lest the ARWC be in violation of federal campaign laws. Already two of the four Republican women’s clubs who were helping put it together have pulled out. No word on if they’ll get back in. Read the back story here.

Anchorage Republican Women would like to thank the U.S. Senate Candidate who offered to cover the costs of the June 26th debate to avoid any issues with the Federal Election Commission.  However, ARWC is committed to this event going forward, but without raising any potential FEC issues. ARWC began this effort in early May and has dealt with many obstacles along the way.  While the ARWC does not feel that their hosting the event would have violated any FEC regulation, we are proud to announce that HOT TALK KOAN 95.5FM 1080AM and The Talk of The Valley KVNT 92.5FM 1020AM have agreed to take their place as sponsors.  As broadcasters, there is absolutely no question under the FEC’s applicable guidelines that KTUU can stage this event.  (See 11 CFR § 110.13(a)(2) and 11 CFR § 114.4(f)(2)). The ARWC is extremely pleased that this event will go forward as planned and, like the public, we look forward to an informative and spirited evening.


6 thoughts on “The Alaska GOP Senate debate will go on

  1. Sane Judy

    I have no personal connection to Judy Eledge. To the best of my knowledge, I never met her; however, I listened to her on the radio today. I can’t imagine wanting to be in any organization that would allow this person a place of responsibility or authority. She sounded like a babbling fool. Checking around with some of my more political active friends that are associated with the Republican aisle, they told me some stories that were comedic. It also sounds like she is a bully. It’s people like this blow hard that makes me happy that I chose not to affiliate with either party when I registered to vote.

  2. Anonymous

    Judy just can’t give thanks to Dan Sullivan. She has to make her “thanks” ambiguous enough – for those who don’t know that the U.S. candidate who offered to cover the costs was Dan Sullivan – so not to give Sullivan any credit and to imply it may have been her favorite candidate who made the offer. Judy, give credit where credit is due! Thank Sullivan personally in your press release. If it were Treadwell, you surely would have used his name and praised him.

    And how is KTUU involved? It says the sponsors were radio stations?

  3. Jackie

    I’m a bit confused from the press release. Will KTUU be televising the debate Thursday evening?

  4. Just wondering

    I think it’s interesting that the two radio stations that Ms. Eledge solicited support from are the two that feature convicted felons on their talk radio shows. Just wondering?

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