7 thoughts on “Tweet of the day: Wishing them the best

  1. Mark

    Alice Rogoff Used Alaska Dispatch as a weapon against her political opponents. There Is no reason to belive this crony capitilist won’t do the same with the ADN. Expect more baseless mudslinging.

  2. Sherry R.

    I hope that the Anchrage Dai$y News’ reporters will be kept over the Dispatch’s reporters for the most part. AND political and government reporters Deemer and Mauer are light years better than Fogerty from the Dispatch. If they do this and keep the better Dispatch writers it could be even a better product. I firmly believe that the ADNwas a better publication than the Dispatch. They weren’t even in the same league.

  3. Lynn Willis

    After the internet no printed newspaper is going to be able to first inform most readers of national or international news events. I do hope the ADN (Anchorage Dispatch News) will focus on regional news and opinions.

  4. Dell2

    I too wish the new ownership of the Anchorage Daily News well; however, I am concerned. The new owner, Alice Rogoff, seems to be somewhat of an egomainiac. The Dispatch ran a story today comparing her to Kay Fanning. I knew Kay Fanning and I can tell you that Alice Rogoff, despite what her personal pr machine The Alaska Dispatch says, she is no Kay Fanning. This is where my basic concerns lie. Her use of the Alaska Dispatch seems as if she uses it to advance her own interests, goals and personna. As a business model, the Dispatch has been a joke, operates upside down and has survived solely on Mre Rogoff’s wealth. As a business model, I suspect that we’ll see the Daily News operated equally poorly. What that means remains to be seen. Some in the community suggest that this was more of a conquest than an acquisiition citing the Dispatch’s inability to really make a strong mark in the market against their rival. Can’t beat em, then buy them ! The more I think about it, the more it appears to be one person’s ego trip funded by her wealthy husband to keep her a coast away. Not even 10 more stories from her publicist, The Alaska Dispatch, will make me believe that she is another Kay Fanning. Nonetheless, I hope I’m wrong and wish the best for what use to be and hopefully continue to be a good newspaper. I just have a problem with the attitude, “if you can’t beat them, then buy them”. Or, is this simply a front news organization to help control public opinion to advance her husband’s financial empire ? We’ll have to wait and see.

  5. Ehler

    Let’s hope that the rich lady who bought the paper did it for the right reasons, respects the community and doesn’t abuse the power. I have heard a few troubling things that concern me. Let’s hope that the paper’s best days are ahead of them.

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