5 thoughts on “Tweet of the week: Treadwell spokesperson ribs Sullivan

  1. AlaskaCodPiece

    But who exactly is ‘the party?”

    Speaking of people with integrity: DNR Dan’s ‘All Alaska Team’ is made up of Bush, Romney and Palin cast offs. Follow the money.

    Meanwhile Joe Miller’s Stealth Campaign waits and watches …

  2. Make it Stop

    Treadwell is panicking. His base of support is leaving him in droves, if they have not already left. He dispatches his team to plant comments on blogs and his team is constantly being overheard in public talking about their plans and how mad Treadwell is at everyone and Sullivan. They make up weird allegations and try to start rumors. Can we say “pathetic”? Yes, “pathetic.” Treadwell does not care about anyone unless they’ve got a famous name. Otherwise, forget it, you’ll get ignored. That’s a behavior that he’s widely known for and it has come back to bite him. The New England Name-Dropper has always been too important for regular people and now this and other major character flaws he possesses is coming back to haunt him.
    As for this Brown character… is this some kind of joke? If he’s getting trained by the likes of Rick Gorka, I guess it’s entirely plausible. I wonder if he was part of the out-of-state import. If he’s an Alaskan, then Brown has never understood the fact that AK is a small community and, just like with Treadwell, things come back to haunt you if you act like a jerk.

  3. Anonymous

    Brown, and his buddy Gorka, have me questioning the type of person Treadwell is and his ability to surround himself with people of integrity. I agree with Activist, Treadwell should drop out and support the party.

  4. GOP Activist In Fairbanks

    Cute. I guess Mead has talked about all his really “big” Arctic ideas and has nothing else to say. Obviously his really “big” ideas didn’t catch on with the public as evidenced in his dismal FEC report. I read recently that he was on a national publication’s list of the 10 biggest political losers of 2013. This list of names all have something in common and that’s they are all going to lose at the ballot box. If Mead had any sense he would man up and drop out of the race instead of bad mouth Republicans that ultimately helps Begich and the Obama agenda. And Mead expects us to believe he is a conservative. He has always been a confused young man in many ways since coming to Alaska. I am officially done with all his BS, philosophical incarnations and pathetic attempts to be relevant. It’ time to exit politics for this guy. He touts himself as a good businessman. His FEC reports demonstrate that he knows how to be a deficit spender. We already have enough people in DC that knows how to do that. Mead should endorse Begich, change his party registration and go away.

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