U.S. Senate candidate Kathleen Tonn sings in tongues in steam room

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kathleen Tonn posted a rather unusual video on her Facebook page. The video shows Tonn, fully clothed in the steam room at the Alaska Club, singing in tongues in an attempt to convert another woman named Suzie, who is also in the steam room and “doesn’t know Jesus Christ.” In the video, Tonn says that “speaking in tongues or singing in tongues is very valuable because the message can’t be heard by Satan.”


Tonn is a pro-life candidate. Her candidacy has received little attention so far compared to the three other frontrunners running in the Republican primary—Joe Miller, Dan Sullivan, and Mead Treadwell. That might change after the video gets around.

The gift of tongues is a considered by those who have the gift—including this writer’s mother– to be highly sacred and it is considered forbidden to be used as publicity. It’s unclear whether the video had any effect on Suzie, who appears briefly at the end, clad in a towel. “That was beautiful,” Suzie says.

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19 thoughts on “U.S. Senate candidate Kathleen Tonn sings in tongues in steam room

  1. Lynn Willis

    I can’t make them out in the fog; however, I wonder how many other members of the legislature and executive branch were in there with her?

  2. AlaskanAlsoII

    Amanda, Kathleen Tonn is rearin up her head in Facebook to defend her superiority as a Senate candidate; when your position is widely mocked, go to the Palin defense and attack the messenger. (And apparently, you failed to mention that she IS God Almighty.)

    Kathleen Tonn Now if this woman really listened to the video, she would know I said satan cannot understand tongues from God Almighty. Reporting accurately is key to good journalism! Read your Holy Bible is my recommendation! Study it and show yourselves approved; it will help you with your journalism!!!
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  3. Philip Munger

    Kathleen Tonn hasn’t been elected. Probably won’t be, but this vid helped her campaign more than anything she might have intentionally created for it.

    Meanwhile, we’ve got some equally strange legislators and so on in office.

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