A note to readers about the Palin family brawl

I wrote about the Saturday-night Palin family brawl  in my Loose Lips column—my version of a gossip column–hoping that some other news source, preferably a local news source, would pick it up, and run with it. I’m a one-woman show here. I’m the writer, the editor, and the business manager, and I’m trying to cover the state’s political races. As I write this, I’m at a health care conference in Girdwood, trying to learn as much as I can about why healthcare costs are so astronomically high in Alaska, when they have appeared to be declining elsewhere. (Expect a post on that later). All this is to say that I have little time to track down the details of the brawl. And even if I did, I’d probably pass. I spent many years covering Palin. It’s a rabbit hole every time.

But I thought I should update, because people seem to really want to know. Frankly, I would too if I were them, and weren’t at a health care conference, etc…

So, here it goes: What I have heard since, without much trying, and what I knew then, is that the cops were called after the brawl. It’s confirmed that the Palins, all of them, were in some way involved in a fight at a house in Anchorage where a party was going on. Bristol’s son, Tripp was at the party. I have confirmed from multiple sources that Bristol punched someone repeatedly, and that charges might be filed. I spoke to a source yesterday who witnessed part of it. She said that some in the crowd were trying to restrain Sarah, who was clawing to get involved in the fight, which had moved to the cul-de-sac outside of the house. She was also screaming loudly. She wore platform high-tops with the American flag on them, and Bristol wore big, round shades. As I reported, Track was at some point in the night, shirtless.

The whole family arrived in a stretch Hummer limo, and had to be told to leave the house.

That’s what I know. Stay tuned, no doubt, for more.

Update: Executive director of the Iron Dog, Kevin Kastner, wants people to know that this was in no way an Iron Dog party, though some Iron Dog racers may have been there.


47 thoughts on “A note to readers about the Palin family brawl

  1. Anne

    I agree; if you don’t have time to check your sources and you don’t care either, then you should not be posting what you consider “news”. I took journalism in high school and was taught better than this. No one will believe anything you post from now on, because whether someone laughs at the Palins or not, *you* showed yourself to be a bad reporter and all your future “news” is suspect. Your news career is over.
    Joke’s on you bitch.

  2. Lisl

    The long and the short: You can’t be bothered tracking down sources and details but have no issue “reporting” information that is “sketchy” and unverified.

    If you have any measure of truthfulness in you, you might want to consider this sort of thing if you ever bother to wonder why those opposed to you are.

  3. Nancy

    I’m sure there must be video of this melee right? I mean cell phones abound for that kind of fact finding. If you were there wouldn’t you be taking video and putting it on YouTube? What? No video?
    So this “article” of yours is a perfect piece of yellow journalism. No wonder Senator Diane Feinstein doesn’t consider bloggers to be journalists.

  4. TheGoodReverend

    I don’t think the palins need any help in the slime department, they’ve got plenty of their own, It’s the SHOWING people that you’re not fond of.

  5. Anonymous

    Good gawd, you call this journalism? You and Joe McGinniss who tried to slime the Palins as well had little luck. No one would step forward and give their name as a witness. Just a lot of: my sister-in-law’s oldest daughter’s boyfriend’s mother’s cousin said……

  6. mbaker

    There was no racism in his comment, and I also noticed that you didn’t point out specifically what part of his comment was racist. Your just another one of Palin trolls who is desperately trying to protect your idol by keeping your head in the sand to avoid hearing the truth about her. You can always tell who the Palin trolls are by their lack of intellect in their comments. Another reliable means is in their feeble attempts to put someone down for speaking negatively, but truthfully of Palin. Their use of childish name calling is also commonly used when they can’t think of an intelligent response back. It’s as if they are flustered and name calling is all they have left to respond back.

  7. Robert

    I hope Levi gets sole-custody of his child. Bristol is an unfit mother. Taking a child to a drunken party is not good parenting.

  8. Kerry Berger

    “Compated”???? What language are you trying to write in “A Patriot”. Calling people traitors because they do not agree with you, when you are in a statistical minority, makes me want to laugh in your face for your level of stupidity. Go back to your dank and dingy cave whence you came along with the Palin Clan. Thank goodness McCain was never elected President. It would have been disastrous to our nation and the people who really control the Tea Party, namely the Koch Brothers would run over you and not even think twice about it. You pawns are so clueless.

  9. Kerry Berger

    Why did you even bother to write about this family of under-educated white trash? Palin is no longer a VP candidate, no longer big news on Fox. She and her brood are private citizens, albeit always trying to get into the public limelight. It is reporters like you who keep them in the news when the rest of this nation would just like to see them disappear for good. Palin was a failed Governor, she cannot speak English properly and she appeals to the lowest common denominator of Republicans and Tea Party lunatics in this country. Right-wing extremism needs to be put in its place, preferably swept under the carpet, seen once in a while, but not heard.

  10. TJ

    Your disparaging of our President has what to do with limo trash Palins getting into brawls? It doesn’t change the Palins’ behavior.

  11. WiserWords2

    Don’t “kill” the messenger because you didn’t like the message. So, what do you know about the weed smoking “stalker”?

  12. A Patriot

    LOL, angry palin trolls are mad at people for reporting the truth. Sorry, , richard. the palin family is trailer trash. Deal with it.

  13. Anonymous

    “Spineless,” “Gutless,” ad nauseum. Classic keyboard tough-guy rhetoric of the aging low-testosterone set – just another old far shouting at the TV for “our” troops (but not you personally) to go ‘kick ass’ because…you’ve watched far too many Hollywood westerns. And that’s the same reason you chumps elected non-cowboys Ronnie Reagan and George ‘silver spoon MA cheerleader’, and almost elected the absurd Sarah Palin to VP. Because they were fakey tough ‘straight talkers.’

  14. Stiff Richard

    Compated to the current clueless, brainless,spineless,gutless,worthless, narcissistic, race baiting, anti American,
    poor excuse for a leader who currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
    Being called a moron by someone of your ilk is a step WAY up

  15. Chris

    Mae should have stayed in school where she might have learned that should’ve is not the same thing as should of.

  16. Anonymous

    I would love that reporters would have to verify the news 1st. And I bet this chick was never at a party that there was a fight at.

  17. gulag

    …the next president of the United States senator from Alaska…

    Are you positive that it’s not a publicity stunt for next year’s Arctic Man segment of “Alaska State Troopers?” or pitch for the next Discovery Channel Palin show? Are they still filming Duck Dynasty?

    $10 says it’s a ‘family values’ thing.

  18. Tired of Snarks Pretending Otherwise

    “One thing is constant, however: I to try my best to avoid lazy snark and and I always strive for balance. Please let me know when I’m not hitting the mark.”

    Duly Notified, I hope. Such nonsense….and of course cheapshot nonsense in comments. Typical.

  19. Mae

    Maybe Bristol should of stayed home and hung out with the stalker. The stalker who spent his Saturday night smoking weed on her balcony.
    A far better choice than brawling in the streets of Anchorage and dragging your kid along.
    Who knows…
    We’ve all learned. Don’t hang with those Palins because it never ends well. Unless they quit.

  20. HolgerAwakens

    AFM is obviously a racist. I’m surprised your racist comments against the Palins weren’t edited out by the administrator of this site.

  21. admin

    @Greg. Ha! It might be awhile. More about Palin is coming.. Something told me that I shouldn’t have gotten involved in this…

  22. Ruth

    At least no one was so drunk they drove off a bridge and someone drowned. Unbelievable how the gossip about the Palins make front page news.

  23. Anonymous

    I too have read multiple accounts of the brawl, but from what I’ve read so far they all seem to be pretty close to each other. Who ever is thinking about filing a complaint against Bristol I hope will follow through with their complaint. Of course, the Palinbots will never except the fact that Bristol was involved in any way in the brawl, and will accuse the person filing the complaint as being liar or a Palin hater who has no grounds for his complaint.

  24. AFM

    It just goes to show you that you can’t take White Trash out of the Palins. Yep Sarah got herself a job as Governor and she learned nothing how to life up your life. To think this woman was almost VP. She is nothing but a bitter old woman who is sooooooooooo jealous of the president of the United States. He and his family have more class in his little finger then the Palins have in their whole body. Thank god the american people saw through this faker, quitter and questionable mother of Trig.

  25. KarenJ503

    Amanda, you wrote above, “As I write this, I’m at a health care conference in Girdwood, trying to learn as much as I can about why healthcare costs are so astronomically high in Alaska, when they have appeared to be declining elsewhere. (Expect a post on that later).”

    You should read “Wickersham’s Conscience” posted only 10 hours ago where WC details Sean Parnell’s right-wing anti-ACA shenanigans. http://wickershamsconscience.wordpress.com/2014/09/11/captain-zero-goes-too-far-health-insurance-premiums/

    I think WC outlined why health care premiums are so high in Alaska quite well.

  26. crystalwolfLady (@krystalwolfgrl)

    Thanks Amanda there is starting to be “conflicting” stories, no doubt “someone” trying to correct the “narrative” ah hmmm…. Also about the video, Really want to see that also,too!!! The whole world does 🙂

  27. Derp

    I’m sure that there just has to be video on someone’s phone somewhere. Fingers crossed that it comes to the surface soon.

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