Begich accuses Sullivan of playing politics to win the Senate

The release below just came from Mark Begich’s campaign, which claims that Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s campaign was involved in an “orchestrated attempt to deliver Alaska’s U.S. Senate seat for Dan Sullivan,” by getting Vic Kohring to drop his bid as Alaska Independent Party’s Senate candidate.

It might even be true, but given recent events, it’s a startling charge. It comes on the heels of Begich’s people being highly active in getting Democratic Party leaders to nullify a gubernatorial state primary election, in order to put a Republican on the top of the ticket for the first time in history. Why did Begich want this? For one, it plays nicely into his theme about party affiliation mattering less than doing what’s right for Alaska, and is music to the ears of independent voters. It has the potential to breathe life into what was a listless campaign. And, most importantly, it draws unions into the race in order to flay Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan, who is despised by them, and who’s running as Gov. Sean Parnell’s lieutenant governor, and who happens to have the same name as the Dan Sullivan who’s running against Begich for Senate. Confused? It’s politics, Alaska style. Kettles are calling pots black and orchestras are tuning up all across the state. Here’s the Begich release:

“Alaska Independent Party senate candidate Vic Kohring’s simultaneous withdrawal from the Senate race and endorsement of Dan Sullivan reeks of a orchestrated attempt to deliver Alaska’s U.S. Senate seat for Dan Sullivan. After months of declining all opportunities to appear at public events during his ‘campaign,’ Kohring’s endorsement reads as if it’s written by Dan Sullivan himself.”

The withdrawal was announced at 4:30 p.m. (Alaska) with a candidate filing deadline of 5:00 p.m. Kohring’s only statement to the press at the time was a glowing endorsement of Dan Sullivan, which reads as yet another ploy by Sullivan and national groups to buy Alaska’s Senate seat.

Kohring ran a virtually non-existent campaign and was barely heard from in the days following the primary election. The Libertarian party tried – unsuccessfully – numerous times to contact Kohring to participate in the recent United For Liberty debate.


16 thoughts on “Begich accuses Sullivan of playing politics to win the Senate

  1. Anonymous

    Wow, how desperate can one get? Between this and the recent ‘Willie Horton’ type ad, his campaign is quickly heading toward freefall.

  2. Sandi T.

    Begich is the political gamer. Begich is a worm without principles. Mae and the other shallow thinkers that support Begich are either too ill-informed or stupid to recognize his lack of principles or values. Begich’s assertion that Kohring’s stepping out of the race was orchestrated by Sullivan. Simply, ridiculous. Like the Sullivan campaign said when asjked if they were involved, “NO”
    Begisch thinks that everyone is like him, constantly behind the curtain pulling the political strings just like he did to get his own party to give up the top of their gubernatorial ticket to a pro-Life conservative who doesnt like gays and promotes a value system totally the opposite of most Dems. Dan Sullivan, unlike Begich, has values and principes that aren’t for trade or sale. Now that’s a difficult concept for Mark to get his arms around.

  3. Mae

    L48 Dan cracks me up. A Kohring endorsement? A glowing Kohring endorsement.

    Thanks Begich for the heads up on such a honorable and valuable endorsement! I’m sure L48 Dan is beaming with pride.

    The real question is: Did L48 Dan give a specific move out date for Vic, who probably penned a deal to hang out in the Maryland house laundry room, for the “valuable” endorsement.

    Hey at least Vic knows where the Salty Dog Saloon is…

  4. Girdwood Democrat

    Seldom to I agree with Dan Fagan. Our politics are as different as night and day. However, I do agree with his comment posted under this story.
    Thank you Your blog is a real service to the community and a beacon of fairness.
    I so wish your former colleagues at the Dispatch excercised the standards you exude. Even the long time writers from the Daily News have faltered under the new ownership and Dispatch management.

  5. Truth Teller

    Does Begich know the difference between fact and fiction? The truth and a lie? He never seems capable of discussing anything straight up. The veracity of his last television commercial characterizing the slayings in the Jerry Active case was said by the Alaskka AGG as not being based in fact. The national organizatuon Fact Check gave his ad the lowest rating (Pants on Fire) for lack of truthfulness. Here’s new word for EMBARRASSMENT when Begich is involved, we should call it an EMBEGICHMENT.

  6. LysanderSpooner

    The Sullivan campaign has not exactly been focused on issues, either. It’s all about Harry Reid and Barack Obama in an implied threesome with Begich. Neither of these clowns is putting Alaska first.

  7. Anonymous

    Sorry. Mead Treadwell is no longer available. Big money and apathetic centrist nonvoters already made Dan Sullivan the candidate.

  8. Lynn Willis

    Thank you Amanda for being first to warn us of an evil conspiracy to cause a massive voter shift from Vic Kohring to Sullivan that will tip the election.
    Actually, Derp pegged it.

  9. Dan Fagan

    Amanda is one of the few journalists in the state holding both sides accountable. Begich can count on the ADN, CH 2 and 11 to ignore his hypocrisy but not Coyne. Amanda has become a real treasure to our state.

  10. Triple dipple derps

    Crystal ball says the Begich campaign means to say:

    “Oops, we need a quick, cheap distraction from our last f&@$-up!”

  11. valley voter

    An “orchestrated attempt to deliver Alaska’s U.S. Senate seat for Dan Sullivan?” Of course it is. Shouldn’t that be the goal of the Sullivan campaign team? Besides slinging mud, what does the Begich campaign think their job is?

  12. Darcie

    If Alaska didn’t have such a transit population, Begich would be toast. He survives with lies, more lies and by rewriting history. If people knew him, there is no way the could support him. This guy is bad news. Hate paying high taxes? Thank Mark. Like photo radar? No thanks we said. What about his bagman Bill Boberick, who was the highest paid muni lobbyist in the state, while Begich was mayor. Wasn’t Begich his best man at his wedding? I forget, how long did Boberick go to jail for and for what? The list goes on and on. Why was Begich’s nickname in school “the biter?” I’ll share the good stuff later. Interesting questions that hoppefully will allow newer Alaskans to better get to know their junior senator.

  13. Kim

    Note to be added to Cindy K’s comment: you are on target girl. Begich was behind the AFL-CIO manipulating the whole democratic ticket sleaze which now has a Republican heading up the ticket. Bad, real bad. Begich had no problem kicking a Native leader aside for his own personal advancement. Alaska doesn’t need a political power broker wheeler-dealer like Begich. Instead, let’s select a senator that we can feel good about that will stand up for Alaska.

  14. derp

    Lol seriously? Didn’t know Kohring was a factor or warranted attention. I’m guessing Begich is probably just taking the opportunity to associate Kohring and Sullivan together on a slow news day, and were not particularly invested in what the release actually said.

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