Begich touts fight for F-16 fighter jets in new ad

Here’s the latest ad from U.S. Sen. Mark Begich, which this time features Iraq War Veteran, Master Sgt. Troy Bouffard, who credits Begich in the ad for pushing the administration to help save 3,000 jobs in Alaska by keeping the F-16 fighter jets at Eielson Air Force Base. As a member of Senate Armed Services Committee, Begich held up the nomination for the promotion of Lt. Gen. Herbert “Hawk” Carlisle to four-stars and taking command of Pacific Air Forces until he got a commitment to keep the F-16s in Fairbanks.


6 thoughts on “Begich touts fight for F-16 fighter jets in new ad

  1. Garand Fellow

    The lefty-loony ideas of Mark Begich have never been representative of Alaskans and are now out of phase with the real world. In the news today you can read that Australians have repealed their carbon tax, an East Coast electric utility is importing Russian coal, and Medicaid in Arkansas has run out of money and cannot afford an important drug. The liberal agenda is bankrupt, corrupt, and yesterday’s idea. Alaskans need to replace Mark Begich. With one vote we can send an important message to President Barack Hussein Obama, dethrone Senator Reid, and send an Alaska Marine to the US Senate.

  2. John Smith

    Two things:

    1. The DoD proposal to move the F-16 squadron out of Eilson would have transferred about 1600 jobs from Eilson to JBER. Their would not have been a net loss for the state as the ad indicates and the number moved would have been half of what is claimed.

    2. I am not sure what Senator Begich hopes to gain through this, but bragging about halting the promotion and movement of top tier personnel for purely political purposes does not seem smart to me. While it is true that anyone on the Senate Armed Services Committee has the power to halt general officer promotions, that right is usually reserved for cases in which serious leadership concerns arise, not in cases where a junior Senator doesn’t think he is getting enough respect or enough answers. The issue of national security and our nation’s defense is one that should not be taken hostage so that Mark can ensure federal dollars for constituents in Fairbanks.

  3. CPG49

    This ad doesn’t do much for me except make me chuckle and think back to the Don Young video where the Congressman is scolding Begich for taking credit for everything. Politics is like 3rd grade. Everyday.

  4. GTA1022//RRT3

    No matter what Begich and his ads say, I just can’t get over his unparralleled suppport for President Obama. Alaskans deserve better.

  5. Russ

    Begich was also responsible for creating the 7th day of the week. I think the Washington Ost got it right earlier this week when they characterized Begich as someone who pokes at power as oppposed to being powerful. The WP story then went on to say that Alaska use to send powerful people to Washington. While I rrespect the gentleman in the ad and appreciate hois service to our nation, I want to send a fighter to DC and replace Begich.

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