Club for Growth endorses Dan Sullivan for Senate

The fiscally conservative powerhouse Club for Growth announced on Wednesday that it’s endorsing former DNR Commissioner Dan Sullivan for Senate. Sullivan is running in the Republican Senate primary against Joe Miller and Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell. The winner will run against Sen. Mark Begich in the general election.

“Dan Sullivan is a fiscal conservative with a stellar track record in Alaska and we strongly endorse him for the United States Senate,” Club for Growth President Chris Chocola said in a statement.

The group opposes federal regulations and supports “lowering or eliminating” corporate taxes and the capital gains tax.

The Club for Growth endorsement not only brings in big money, but it also establishes Sullivan as the fiscal conservative in the race, a designation that all three candidates have been fighting for.

“I am honored to receive the Club for Growth’s endorsement of my campaign for United States Senate. The Club for Growth has been instrumental in advocating for pro-growth policies, limiting the growth of government and fighting back against the Obama administration’s overreach into the economy and lives of Americans,” Sullivan said in an email following the announcement.

In 2012, the Club for Growth spent $16 million on congressional candidates. It won half of the races into which it put money, making it the group with the best record of any group supporting candidates.

That said, it hasn’t had much luck in Alaska. The organization endorsed Miller against Sen. Lisa Murkowski in 2010, and it endorsed Gov. Sean Parnell who ran against Rep. Don Young in 2008. The group went after Young hard, saying, among other things, that he represents the “worst of a Republican Party that became too comfortable in power.”

Nevertheless, it’s a big endorsement for Sullivan. Groups often wait for a clear winner to support candidates in primary races. The early endorsement by the Club for Growth will likely signal to other groups that they are also free to support Sullivan.

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14 thoughts on “Club for Growth endorses Dan Sullivan for Senate

  1. Hunter

    Casey’s little comment is so sweet. Casey it’s your imagination and you just keep dreaming. By the way Casey, are you one of those little out of state boys that people are talking about in the Treadwell campaign?

  2. Susan B.

    Dan Sullivan is proving to be an extraordinary candidate and is beginning to excite members of the GOP that we can and will take back thje seat that Begich stole from Senator Ted Stevens. This endorsement I’d important for many reasons. The Republican primary is now really between only two candidates – – Sullivan and Miller. Both of these candidates have the ability to inspire their base. In my opinion, Sullivan would have the best chance at beating Begich.
    Treadwell’s campaign is over. Anyone with a reasonable political perspective realizes that Mead”s campaign has been a dismal failure and hasn’t attracted neither the support of dollars or voters to be taken seriously. His continuation in the race speaks poorly of an out of control ego. Nead, grow up and get out of the race and quit continuing to embarrass yourself.

  3. Brad

    Casey – Did you copy and paste that from a Treadwell press release?

    Treadwell interviewed with CFG, hoping to get thier endorsement, and he came up short. He wanted this endorsement just as bad as Sullivan or Miller so don’t minimize it becasue your guy lost out.

    By the way, Treadwell does run around the east coast and Ohio Valley fundraising, he just sucks at it.

  4. Casey

    This is a pretty good example of way over-reacting to an endorsement. Numerous candidates end up falling short because on Election Day these groups don’t get a vote. Additionally, let’s be honest, both candidates are strong conservatives, but only one has decades of experience in this state solving problems. Only one candidate has the stomach to stay true to his constituents rather than running around the east coast and Ohio valley raising money from outsiders. Only one candidate has created institutions that continue to benefit Alaska. That candidate is Mead Treadwell. Let the Sullivan crowd throw mud, Mead has a track record that speaks for itself.

  5. Art Hackney

    When you have a remarkable candidate, a remarkable number of individuals and groups come together to support that candidate. The big message here is that America needs more remarkable candidates like Sullivan to run for office.

  6. AlaskaCodPiece

    Brad, This won’t impress Alaskans, as opposed to Republicans – most of whom are registered as Independents or Non-affiliated with a party.

    Smells too much like Karl Rove and the Kochs.

    Plus, DNR Dan has some ‘splaining to do to Alaskans about his and Parnell’s push to remove us from their big plans to “streamline” permitting on our lands and waters for the benefit of Outsiders.

  7. Walt

    This has to be yet another blow to Treadwell’s campaign. He has positioned himself to be the conservative in this race and one of the Super PAC’s that is truly representative of the conservative wing of the party endorses Sullivan. I’d Mead is too stupid to see the writing on the wall, he’s definitely too stupid to represent us in the senate.

  8. Brad

    That is huge! If Republicans really want to beat Begich, they should stop messing around and get behind Sullivan right now.

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