Democratic lt. gov. candidate Bob Williams’ final TV ad

Here’s Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Bob Williams’ final TV ad before the primary. It’s playing statewide on KTUU-Channel 2. Williams, a math teacher in Wasilla, is new to the political stage. He’s challenging Alaska state Sen. Hollis French, who has strong name recognition — one, if not the main criteria to win a lieutenant governor’s race in an Alaska primary. French is also widely respected in Democratic circles. Williams is no slouch though. He’s given it a shot. He’s traveled widely throughout the state and has had some impressive endorsements, including Democratic icon Katie Hurley, and Alison Arians, who’s emerged as a leader in the fight for public education. While never perfect, his ads are also getting better as he goes along. This one was shot by him on his Samsung phone and edited by a colleague.


16 thoughts on “Democratic lt. gov. candidate Bob Williams’ final TV ad

  1. Texas Tim

    Bob Wiilliams’ ad is a little goofy but good. Hell, what do you want from a valley boy. He aint hurting anyone. Good luck.

  2. No to Ohio Dan

    Curious, why no one in the press is asking more questions about Dan Sullivan’s role in granting lenient plea deals to violent criminals?

    Seems to me this will be a huge issue in the general election. Especially considering the lives lost because of Dan’s negligence.

    Check out this video for more info:

  3. Mike P.

    I wish there was more competition for our political offices. Statewide, the only really contested primary was the GOP senate race. The lite governor’s race on the D side wasn’t much of a race as the leader, Hollis French, never had to run any media and remains the front runner. For the betterment of the state, we just need more quality candidates to run.

  4. Tess

    Breaking News Update:
    Democratic candidate for Lite Governor, Bob Wiliiams, is surging in the final weekend of the primary election. With the out pouring of support for Williams, this commenter is projecting that Williams will decisively finish the race in 2nd place.

  5. Dianne K. Shibe

    Bob is candidate who is what he says he is. Certainly he is not glossy with oil money. We can expect that only from a candidate willing to march to the oil companies’ tune. Bob wants development that will preserve Alaska for our children, and he wants development that will ensure a strong economy now. I’m not looking for anyone who can spend the most on his campaign. I’m looking for someone who wants to serve the best interest of Alaskans. I have no doubt that is Bob Williams. His run for office has been a Herculean task. He has had to raise almost all of his money from the average person willing to give a few bucks here and there. He has had to work full time meeting people and debating, along with working full time as a teacher. He doesn’t have a slick, staff experienced in every step of the campaign. Instead he has something better. Every single person that gives Bob money or posts something for Bob are people who believe in the American Dream that the person from a humble background can, through effort and grit, become a force for good in his community. I thank Bob for bringing to politics a real (rather than manufactured) candidate that we all say we want. I hope there is a grown swell of typical Alaskan people who will ask for the Open Ballot on August 19th and vote for Bob Williams for Lt. Gov.

  6. Katherine Pfeiffer

    Dear Whoever is the Person Who Posted Right Before Me but Didn’t Leave a Name:

    If he’s so irrelevant, then why pay any attention to him? You had to have done so, otherwise, why the post? Just saying.

    Bob looked like he had a pretty good time campaigning judging from his social media posts, kept it clean and stuck with the issues and his values. I’d be curious to know what your strategy would have been with respect to giving him council?

  7. Pete

    I couldn’t agree more. Take some time to talk and listen to Williams. He will clearly tell you why he is running for Lt Governor. He is very impressive- as are his commercials.

  8. Tess

    I’ve met Bob Williams and I’ve seen his commercials and all I see is genuine authenticity. He is not a showman nor an actor. He is a hardworking, charismatic and original Alaskan. He is brilliant, a petroleum engineer, and an award-winning teacher. He knows the issues and where he stands. He is for responsible development of the state, the repeal of SB-21 and supports public education. He’s run a solid campaign and he’s a solid man. Bob Williams has my vote.

  9. Emily F.

    Bob Williams has my vote. Contrary to the mudslingers, Bob hasn’t hobbled the Democratic Party; he has offered an alternative, away the pickets that have kept Hollis and others tethered, embattled, and embittered. Bob’s campaign has focused on the positive, and more about the Alaskans he will serve rather than just himself. That is a deliberate strategy marked with integrity, absent of big money and false ritz.
    For me, being honest, transparent and earnest isn’t the mark of a unsophisticated campaign; indeed it is a hopeful sign that maybe, just maybe, it doesn’t have to business as usual any more.
    One thing is for sure: we keep voting for the familiar and we will keep repeating the same mistakes. I don’t believe we can afford that right now, and frankly, a little down-to-earth campaigning is alright by me. It’s time for a change. It’s time for Bob.

  10. Jacob

    As an independent voter, I’ve been very impressed with Mr. Williams. I believe his energy and ideas are a breath of fresh air in a political scene that frustrates this voter. Alaskans simply need to decide if they’re going to vote in the same folks peddling the same rhetoric, or if they’re willing to go in a new direction. And with the fiscal issues facing our state, I want the guy who found a way to run a legitimate campaign without large, wealthy donors and apparently a Samsung phone for a camera crew!

  11. Twig

    I’m basically an independent leaning conservative who has already voted the Republiican ballot. I somehat agree with Dawn’s comments suggesting that Mr. Williams has become irrelevant. In essence, he has failed to offer himself as a meaningful alternative to Sen. French echoing the same rhetoric that has somehow become the foundatiion of Democrats that demonizes oil and embracing more social spending. Challenging French, who is well known and liked within his party, and echoing the same sound bites was a formula for failure. I hope Mr. Williams puts more thought into his concession speech than he did into his campaign’s strategy.

  12. Dawn

    Bob Williams campaign has offered all the intellectual stimulation and enthusiasm that you would find in any junior high school student council election anywhere in the country. Mr. Williams seems to be an energetic, sincere and hardworking candidate; however, his campaign was without strategic direction that has rendered his candidacy irrelevant. Sure, he’ll get a pocket of votes here and there and will offer a choice to those that don’t like the alternative Hollis French. Why he never crafted a strategy to become relevant suggests that he needs to go back, run for vice president of a student council somewhere or get someone with experience to help next time. Forgive my criticism, I think he wasted time, resources and has hurt an already hobbled Democratic party.

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