Don Young gets some love from the mainstream media

Stick around for long enough, and everyone loves you. Even if you’re U.S. Rep. Don Young, who’s hasn’t historically been a media darling. A reporter from the Washington Post visited U.S. Rep. Don Young recently, however, and came away seemingly smitten. The piece, entitled “5 incredible stories from 21-term Rep. Don Young,” is a photo essay taken in Young’s office, where he regaled the reporter with stories about cigars, bathrooms, and strangling bears with his own hands.

His goal, he said, is to stay in office until he’s 90. He’s been there since 1973. That’s another decade’s worth of Don Young stories for us. Read the story here. 


4 thoughts on “Don Young gets some love from the mainstream media

  1. Mae

    I’m proud to say don and I strongly dislike each other.
    However he knows I will do a good job and he’ll support me if I bothered to ask. Which I won’t.

  2. Lynn Willis

    I was a Republican when the party was dominated by the likes of Don Young and Ted Stevens. I see a lot of their qualities in Lisa Murkowski who was last elected in 2010. I am amazed that Dan Sullivan now claims he will be the first “warrior” to represent Alaska in the US Senate in the last six years. I hope the women voters of Alaska reflect on that claim and what it portends.

  3. A Young Man Fan

    Love this guy more and more. There is something refreshingly appealing about Congressman Young’s approach to government. He fights for Alaska and doesn’t hold back. What you see is what you get.

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