Fired Palin-brawl eyewitness asks public for help and a job

Eric Thompson, the man who was fired from his job after speaking to the media about the Palin family brawl, is asking the public for help. Thompson was a project supervisor for McKenna Bros. Paving. The company is owned by Matt and Marc McKenna. The party, held at the office manager’s house, was a birthday party for them. On Thursday night last week, Thompson told Good Morning America what he had witnessed at the party. The show aired on Friday morning. An hour later, he was fired from his job for speaking out, he said. Marc McKenna and Todd Paln are Iron Dog racers and are said to be friends. Alaska is an “at will” state, meaning that with few exceptions, an employer can fire an non-union employee for just about anything.  Read more about Thompson’s options here. Here’s his eyewitness account. Here’s the site that he set up, accepting donations.


29 thoughts on “Fired Palin-brawl eyewitness asks public for help and a job

  1. brbr2424

    I suggested in many comment sections that he start a go fund me since he is going to be in a financial squeeze now that he has been abruptly fired. I said I would be happy to contribute $25 which I did. The amount raised on go fund me does not compensate for his job loss and his life being upended. So, it is ludicrous to come up with a conspiracy theory that he set this up so that he could be victimized and then ask for money. Occam’s Razor. The simplest explanation is more likely to be true than some conspiracy theory that also attributes malicious intent to someone who has never displayed such behavior

    Listen to his adn interview. He was a reluctant witness. He is a hero in my book.

  2. anonymous

    Why should he have to sell it? For telling the truth? For all you know that might be a family heirloom. He actually worked for a living and bought the things he wanted with his hard earned dollars. Why should he have to start selling off those things he worked for just for the “crime” of telling what he witnessed?

  3. Nina

    I have no reason but to believe that Eric Thompson is telling the truth about what happened at what’s become lnown as the “Palin Family Brawl.” If Eric was fired for his honest statements, that’s simply wrong. But, there is a lot wrong with this whole story. First, two days after the guy loses his job he’s up on You Tube with an ad trying to get contributions. To me, that’s a little too much, too quick. And he quickly hired a lawyer, which seems to make sense until you hear about his litigious pass. The You Tube video with expensive art, sculptures and a very fancy harp (all in view) makes you question his claimed need for money. No wonder he was at a Palin party. He seems to fit right in on the cashing in.

  4. brbr2424

    He can apply for unemployment benefits, but even in the best of situation he may be unemployed for weeks. If history is any indication, being fired from his job is just the first step in running him out of town.

    When you refer to people seeking fame and fortune at any cost, marring your state’s sterling reputation, you are referring to Sarah Palin, correct?

  5. brbr2424

    In my state there are laws criminalizing assault and battery. Are you saying you can walk up to someone in Alaska and repeatedly punch them in the face, and you haven’t broken an laws? I wasn’t there but Mr. Thompson was there, and I find him to be a credible and impartial eye witness. It matters because Sarah Palin is a leading voice in the Republican Party. She is a leading voice in the culture war to establish a virtue police. It is astounding that you don’t see this new as being relevant.

    Nice riff on what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but that refers to people having a fun time and nobody gets punched or has their tooth knocked out.

  6. brbr2424

    Why, because she reported that an eyewitness to the brawl was fired from his job in retribution for telling what he saw? Joe McGinnis encountered a lot of sources who were terrified of Palin retribution. Maybe Thompson will be the guy who says “I am Spartacus”. If everyone who has been abused by this awful woman stands up, her reign of terror will finally end.

  7. brbr2424

    Unfortunately for you, this one is sticking to the Palins. They confirmed all the details that Thompson reported, except in their story the other guy started it, and Bristol punched with her left hand not her right. You are correct that producers are not Mafia bosses. They are very persuasive and persistent in the getting the scoop and they probably appealed to his sense of civic duty rather than intimidation.

    He did the right thing. He is a hero. The McKenna brothers are corrupt, and they acted out of fear of retribution from Parnell and his ilk who award contracts for paving.

    You are clearly a member of the out of control Palin family of one of her off balance groupies. The Palin reign of terror is coming to an end.

  8. Gadid Gal

    The Paylins can’ relate to Thompson’s job loss because none of those losers work
    Todd does not have a job.
    Track does not have a job.
    Brisdull does not have a job.
    Willow does not have a job.
    All live off $arah’s grift.
    A Palin has not been seen in a place of worship since the half term, half wit left AK for the big time, only to return for phony photo opps.

  9. Blue

    Great comment and so true!!! Unfortunately for Alaskans many of the palin flying monkeys pose as Alaskans which only serves to hurt the good people of Alaska. Considering I have never seen an Alaskan on a blog or site-other than c4p the fact there are supposed Alaskans commenting is very telling. Would not be surprised if the rude comments about Amanda and mr. Thompson were made by sarah, Todd, Bristol, willow, track and piper palin-the first five being known bullies. Keep up the good work Amanda and it adds to your safety that you are now nationally recognized:)

  10. Celia Harrison

    Thank you for your courage to report the truth Amanda Coyne. You are what Alaska needs. Many of us are familiar with the Palin trolls that show up when Palin issues are discussed. Those trolls are illogical, hateful, manipulative and twisted. We just shoo them away or laugh at them, but they never stop coming. Due to Alaska cliquishness and bullying they are worse here than other places although some of those trolls are in places like Florida. Do your own thinking, make your own decisions about what you write based on the facts and never allow anyone to divert you from that path. This does seem very much to be what you are doing.

  11. StandUpAnnie

    Since when do we attack people for telling the truth? Or for being a stand-up guy? The police ask for eye-witness accounts and Eric Thompson told the police what he saw. So did many other people. Are the only characteristics you people admire…or have…in Alaska loyalty to friends that you have to lie for? When McKennaPaving runs an ad to replace Eric Thompson, will McKenna say “People who smart enough to describe what they saw with their own eyes and who are courageous enough to tell the truth need not apply. We employ only liars and the dim-witted.” Lots of luck with employees like that. I admire Eric Thompson’s integrity and courage. Eric Thompson has every right to collect money on GoFundMe. Those of you who are saying “the eye witnesses are probably telling lies”, think about this: the entire country knows that Sarah Palin lies. Sarah is not a credible witness any subject. She lies when the truth would be a better story. The entire country has watched her say things and then deny them, she even did it on the campaign trail about being cleared on an ethics charge when plainly she had been found guilty of ethics violations. Amanda Coyne performed a service for the entire country when she published the first report about the Palin Brawl. Thank you, Amanda, from a brand new fan.

  12. Mae

    Well I sure hope Mr. Thompson gets what he needs.
    Many of us know the Palin Flying Monkeys can and will be rude, childish and immature.
    Anything quitter related is just a wreck in general.

    Good luck to Mr. Thompson and his family.

  13. Ottoline

    Thank you, Amanda, for a good blog and accurate reporting. The wild and woolly trolls are easy to ignore. So glad there is a lot of support out there for Mr Thomspon – $5k at present.

    Please keep up your fine reporting.

  14. Bandit

    Apologies for the disparaging comments you’ll get for posting, Amanda, but some are so blinded by what they “want” to see in Palin and her hyperbole, they will never see what she truly is. Keep speaking your truth. I am not an Alaskan resident but have been on enough political blogs to know that when you’ve hit on a topic that brings them out en masse, you know you’re onto something. So few investigative journalists anymore, please keep pressing on.

  15. Frzturd

    I have not heard the party described as anything but a birthday party, although many in attendance were employed at the same place.

    Mr. Thompson was off duty at a private party. He can say whatever he wants to whomever he wants about what he saw the Palin family (non-employees) doing.

    Wrongful termination!

  16. Blue

    For all those hating on Amanda and Eric I say go hate on the ones responsible-the palins. You have no problem with Bristol dragging her fat ass all over dwts and no problem with high pitched voice Todd palin doing a reality show and don’t even start with that media whore sarah palin who sold her soul and the governorship for fame and cash!!!!!

    The point is not that this man told his story to gma -the point you idiots is that this is America and we are entitled to free speech!!!! He was totally within his rights as an American to be interviewed and he said nothing negative about his employer at all!!!

    So go collect your postage payments from the palins and go hate somewhere else!

  17. "news"

    Yes, it is news when a woman who was one step and one heartbeat away from the PRESIDENCY is involved in a slugfest. So much for her Christian family values. Great mother she is, no doubt.

    Also anyone in their right mind who reads accounts of this and thinks no laws were broken is utterly inane.

  18. rb

    actually, based on the account, laws were broken – that’s why the Police came to visit no one chose to file any charges – there’s a difference

  19. Anonymous

    Bull. No one held a gun to his head to get him to do the interview. Producers aren’t mafia bosses. Ridiculous. He wanted his mug on T.V. at all cost. He is a media whore. He sold his friends for a story, which is a dubious, likely fabricated story at that. Clearly, he had no conscience about betraying his friends and employers. Let him live with that. Why is anyone taking him seriously? I thought it was publicly acknowledged as shameful to rat one your friends.

  20. Naked Mabel

    Why can’t this guy just apply for unemployment benefits and look a job? Unless there has been a back door deal to not hire him.

    We were a once proud state of individuals with know how and and personal integrity. It is a shame that we have come to this point where we are represented by Peole seeking fame at whatever cost.

  21. brbr2424

    Media whore is not an accurate description in this case. His name was in the police report, because he was at the scene. Police reports are public and the TV producers were all over them. I had a friend who was interviewed after Grenada was invaded. Producers are really good at getting reluctant ordinary people to be interviewed on camera. It is their job.

    His account rang true and he didn’t sound like someone with a axe to grind.

  22. Anonymous

    How do you know what is true? Were you there? What happens in a private party should stay there, unless laws were broken and it doesn’t appear any were. Your so-called witnesses aren’t reliable witnesses when they run to the national spotlight to talk. We don’t know what happened at the party and it’s none of our business. More importantly, WHO CARES?! This is the “news” that you people read and flock to? And none of you feel shame?

  23. Anonymous

    Thompson deserved to lose his job. He is a media whore. He betrayed his friends and employers when he leaked a story that may or may not be true just to get his face on T.V., and he likely lied through most of his “eyewitness” account just to make it sensational enough for GMA and this gossip rag. Hey Thompson, you don’t betray friends, especially in a small state like Alaska. Try getting a job for GMA.

  24. Anonymous

    If Palin didn’t want these things said and written about her, then her and her wild family should NOT have done it. Especially someone who has worked so hard for national name recognition….. and now she does this… I feel like it is not fair to fire someone for telling the truth. The Palins have made their bed and they need to lay in it.

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