General election certified

The general election was certified on Monday night, meaning that all the votes have been counted. Click here for the full results. What’s most surprising to me is that Sen.-elect Dan Sullivan won by  318 fewer votes and a slightly smaller percentage than did the Walker-Mallott ticket, which formed Sept 1, only about 2 months before the election.

Here’s a screen grab of the results of those two races:
screen grab 11
election screen grab 1


9 thoughts on “General election certified

  1. AkBosco

    I am trying to figure out your math. Dan Sullivan got 787 more votes than the Walker-Mallott ticket (135445 vs 134658) and Sullivan beat Begich by 209 less votes than Walker-Mallott beat Parnell/Sullivan (6014 vs 6223). Where did the 318 vote number come from?

  2. Billiam

    Because I am skeptical that Sullivan will do anything interesting, that makes me “classless?” I mean it. I look forward to him proving up. I’m skeptical he will but I guess if he just sits like a lump out there you’ll be happy?

  3. Cindi

    Great observation from Rebecca Logan.
    I find it ironic that Begich still complains about outside money’s influence on the election. Simple math proves that a majority of the so-called outside money spent was done so on Begich’s behalf. Begich’s claims continur to be absurd falsehoods. I’m startoing to think he’s pathological at best.

  4. Howard G.

    Billiam is as classless as his boy Begich is. What did they think? Did they really believe Alaskans are willing to buy Begich’s lies? Glad Begich is gone. What an embarrassment to have the least educated senator in America representing us.

  5. Billiam

    Where is Dan Sullivan? Is his reign going to be the same as his campaign? Where he basically disappears and we never actually hear from him. I can hardly wait to see when he gets ANWR open, when he gets rid of Obamacare and when he votes to shut down the government. It will be so much fun to see him “in charge.”

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