GOP Senate candidates going to extremes

Heading into the final days of the primary season and the last few debates, the Alaska Democratic Party sent out a release, reminding people of the extreme views of the GOP Senate candidates Joe Miller, Mead Treadwell, and Dan Sullivan. “The Tea Party primary,” Alaska Democratic Party chair Mike Wenstrup, called it. And it is extreme: APRN reported that Treadwell said during a recent debate that abortion should be legal only if “both the mother and baby would otherwise die.” Miller would also make abortion illegal if he could. And so would Sullivan, with the exception of rape or incest. Further, both Treadwell and Miller embraced the National Sales Tax, a controversial proposal that would “raise the price of everything” by 30 percent, the Dems say, and would entail abolishing the IRS.

Indeed, after the primary, it’s hard to see how any of these three– Treadwell and Miller particularly–will be able to come back to the middle, where most Alaskans live.


2 thoughts on “GOP Senate candidates going to extremes

  1. Edwin

    Treadwell has no concept what it takes to win the election. He has positioned himself to be a loser if he were to get the GOP nomination. I never realized how dumb the guy is. There’s no glory winning the primary only to lose the general. Ask Joe.

  2. Ms Reality

    As a semi-conservative Republican, I am blownm away at the extreme positions that Mead Readwell is taking. They aren’t right wing, they aren’t conservative – – they are. Extreme positions that are embarrassing to listen to. His positions make him sound foolish and will render himm useless as a viable candidate to challenge Begich. While Miller is a true conservative, for the most part, his views are principled and consistent. There is no consistency of thought in Treadwell’s positions. Dan Sullivan is a reasonable conservative that is principled, passionaate and and electable. I like Dan and Joe. I want to beat Begich and that’s going to take Dan Sullivan.

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