Governor hopeful Mallott’s first radio ad of general election

Most people can agree, even, it appears, the candidate himself, that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Byron Mallott has gotten a slow start in the race. Here’s his first radio ad of the general election. Will it help to ignite some sort of spark? I think it’s pretty good. I played it for a friend of mine who thought it’s soft and vague, and that there’s nothing that clings to the ribs. What do you guys think? Facebooktwittermail

8 thoughts on “Governor hopeful Mallott’s first radio ad of general election

  1. Kake Kid

    Solid music. Weak slogans. Great candidate.
    What is wrong with this campaign? Everything.
    It spends too much. Does too little. It gets zero traction. Its time to shake things up. Get new campaign workers. Articulate reasons you are running. This same old nothingness is, well, nothing.
    Make changes now, before its too late. Let’s beat Sean Parnell.

  2. Stan J

    Soft, unfocused, nothing memorable. Decent slogan, though — a land like no other deserves a leader like no other.

  3. Garand Fellow

    As the ad says, we need great leadership, but the ad fails to tell us where to find that. Alaskans are too in touch with state politics to hear criticism of the state operating deficit without having the candidate also tell us what he would eliminate to balance the budget. Mr. Mallott’s management record is as portrayed by people here; he was abruptly fired from the the Permanent Fund the day he put his fist through the wall over a personnel matter. Sealaska Corp. has lived from one federal subsidy to the next, investing in almost countless businesses by buying high and selling low.

    For Alaskans to vote for any Democrat we need to know why Democrats in Washington, DC and in so many large cities are so dedicated and single-minded about taking our guns away. We need to hear an apology for the mess created by Barack Hussein Obama.

    From Byron Mallott we need to hear why he is against SB21 but Tony Knowles, the only governor to have worked on the North Slope, favors it. Tell us how Knowles is wrong and why. And we need honesty about our future, especially the state and municipal fiscal future; tell us how the economy will look if there is no gas line. Telling us that if we just tax the oil companies more and spend more on education it will all work out fine is more dishonest than the very worst that Democrats are saying about Governor Parnell (and surely Hollis French can see that even if Byron Mallott and his campaign people are too new and unsophisticated to do so).

    Governor Parnell will surely be re-elected. There is no choice, and having Walker or Mallott would not change the outcome. He is not such a bad governor. And if in 4 years there are yards full of gas line up and down the gas line route between tidewater and the NS, and construction is underway Governor Parnell will be the best loved governor of this young state. If not, he will be a goat and Democrats will have their best chance to regain control of the executive and legislative branches.

  4. Sealaska Shareholder

    Why would anyone vote for Mallott?

    He is a poor business man, look at the damage he did at Sealaska for the last 40 years.
    He quit as Juneau’s mayor in about a month, for a better opportunity.
    He has a short fuse, holds grudges and his temper is legendary.
    He could careless about people who disagree with him, simply dismisses them outright.
    Believes in nepotism, (Son is now CEO at the failed Sealaska)
    Unprofessional in office settings.
    Knows everything about everything therefore will not listen from anyone.
    He is against resource development, especially mining, now that he has clear cut more land in Alaska than any other human being.

    Mallott as Governor would make the 1964 earthquake seem minor compared to the damage he would do as Governor.

  5. Op Eng 302

    Whoever writes this stuff for Mallott reminds me of a 10th grade drop out who isn’t very good who thinks he’s a poet. First, the print ads, “I LIKE MALLOTT A LOT” and now the radio. It just doesn’t leave mme with anything. OMG he’s a pilot! OMG a commercial fisherman too! What the hell does that mean or what qualification does it show? Does this mean that I get screwed as a sports fisherman if Mallot wins?
    Best part of the ad, the music.
    I think people are suggesting Mallot get out of the race because his campaign hardly offers any modicum of hope. Do something worthwhile or get out of the race. I’m a Democrat too.

  6. H. Tom

    When it was announced that Byron Mallot was running as a democrat for governor, it created a tsunami of hope for blue voters. In fact, the enthusiasm was sufficent to chase Hollis French from the race and to drop back to lite governor. The hype was around a “business” oriented democrat, his years of experoience as a CEO and management type. Since then, we hear nothing about his manageriial experience. We do hear rumors that hiis corporation languiished under his leadership. Who knows? So what, he was the PF executive Director. Did the fund grow or decrease under his leadership? To me, the ad raises more questions than not. Thos campaign just isn’t getting traction. Sean Parnell is a lucky guy.

  7. Art

    Mallott’s campaign seems void of a strategic diirection. With polls showing Mallot in third place, you’d think they would be more aggressive. The ad is milk toast at best. It’s an intro piece that is very weak. Mallot unless he gets and follows some better advice, I believe will finish third. What a terrible candidate.

  8. Bill S

    It’s a solid commercial.

    I don’t understand why anyone would think he should step aside in favor of a Republican who had his butt handed to him by Parnell four years ago and is too big of a coward to run again in a primary against him. There are now two Walkers for Governor on the ballot –the Libertarian and the the other one– thus dooming any chance for either to win.

    If Bill Walker really wants to make Parnell unemployed, he should drop out and back Byron. And he should do so in exchange for nothing more than knowing our state will be the better for it.

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