Group attacks Begich for packing court with ‘liberal’ judges

The conservative Judicial Crisis Network will begin airing an ad in Alaska today attacking Sen. Mark Begich for voting to confirm “every single one of President Obama’s liberal activist judges.” The group said it will spend more than $100,000 airing the ads.

As of Dec. 11, the Senate has confirmed 211 Obama-appointed judges. However, the ad seems to be more interested in Begich’s yes vote for the two Supreme Court justices, as well as his recent votes, following filibuster reform, on the nominations that had been blocked by Republicans. It should be noted that Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski has also voted to confirm some of these nominees.

The ads might hurt Begich. Most of what Alaskans know about Begich is filtered through news about the state. Aside from the Supreme Court nominees, not much has been made about Begich’s judicial voting record and its potential impact on Alaskans. Nor has much been made about his recent votes on nominees to the D.C. courts .These courts are considered the most important courts in the nation because they handle cases regarding federal regulations, including EPA regs.

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