Independent gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker’s campaign report

There must have been something wrong with my eyes last night when I was searching through APOC for campaign report numbers, because I missed independent candidate Bill Walker’s numbers. In any case, Walker raised $202,629, of which $29,000 is his own money. He spent $77,952 leaving him with $124,677, a respectable amount for a non-incumbent independent.

In comparison, the Democrat in the race, Byron Mallott, raised an impressive $234,000. However, $40,000 of that came from the Democratic Party, and he spent $188,136 and owes $9,633. This leaves him with only $36,580 to spend.

Gov. Sean Parnell raised $407,253 and only spent $76,220.

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2 thoughts on “Independent gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker’s campaign report

  1. Frank

    Not sure what to think about Walker. His candidacy had wider appeal four years ago than now. Also, he is a lawyer and should know better than flaunt the rules and the law by having a fundraiser in Juneau last evening. From my understanding, this was blatantly illegal. .

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