Halcro files to run for Anchorage mayor

It’s official. Andrew Halcro, former state legislator, gubernatorial candidate, political blogger, head of Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, and current executive of the family owned Avis franchise, has filed to run for mayor. So far, Halcro is running against Assemblywoman Amy Demboski, former Assemblyman Paul Bauer, and Dan Coffey, a lawyer who also served on the Assembly.

The money is on Coffey, but Halco will give him a run for it.


8 thoughts on “Halcro files to run for Anchorage mayor

  1. Turnagain

    Expected, laughable and ridiculous. He was a terrible legislator, a mean-spirited gubernatorial candidate and now wants to be mayor. Think about it. He just wants to play politics with our city’s future. He can’t win in a partisan race and is going to try to use this as a stepping stone. I’m tired of rich boys who think they can buy their futures at our expense. Go away Halcro, you’re simply an annoyance.

  2. Northern Observer

    Why is it that Halcro can’t look peopthe eye and talk to them ? The last thing that Anchorage needs right now is a pompous, spoiled rich kid to deal with the city’s fiscal woes. Andrew isn’t known for his hard work. I’ll take Coffey over Halcro any day.

  3. AH HA

    Halcro’s lack of party loyalty as a republican and his close ties to Mark Begich might be a big help at this point given the ‘unity’ climate that seems to have swept the party of the left. I also think he will be the first in the field to cry ‘unity’ and depending on how quickly the Walker / Mallott star wanes it might turn out to be an effective coattail ride.

  4. Miz

    Which Republican will be the first to call for “unity”? My guess is Halcro. Heck, he’ll probably have Begich by his side at the presser.

  5. SouthPaw

    Coffey is the man for the job. Hard working, experienced and a true conservative that can maintain the economic stability the Sullivan administration has worked so hard to establish for Anchorage. At a time when our state is struggling, Anchorage still remains strong and will continue to see budget surpluses and economic growth with Dan Coffey’s leadership.

    I agree with Amanda. I’d put money on Coffey winning this one.

  6. AH HA

    Well, lucky for me, I don’t live in the Anchorage area…and so don’t need to worry about Halcro very much.

    That said, his performance as a legislator was definitely ‘mixed’ and his gubernatorial run was sort of a ‘flop’… I hear he did get some quality time on Begich’s transition team though..

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