Inside/Outside morning news roundup for 10.17

  • Al Jazeera America has come to Alaska and has a five-part series called “Fed up in Alaska,” based on our local issues that voters will be taking to the polls. The current topic: Pebble Mine. To view all parts of “Fed up in Alaska”, tune in to “Al Jazeera America News” with John Seigenthaler next week at 4:00pm AKSD.
  • Becky Bohrer’s piece regarding Gov. Sean Parnell’s press conference on Ebola can be found in The Republic. The Fairbanks News Miner also has an article detailing the very low risk Alaskans have in being exposed to Ebola and the steps that are being taken by health care facilities to ensure our continued safety. For more on “The Plague,” the Huffington Post has a segment with Fox News’ Shepard Smith blasting the media hype for Ebola Hysteria.
  • The National Republican Senatorial Committee Executive Director Rob Collins told The Hill “We are going to win the Senate.” The hows and whys are detailed in Cameron Joseph’s story.
  • United for Liberty has had to cancel tonight’s debate and turn it into and educational forum about Ballot Measure 1, the Anchorage Labor law many considered to have been pushed through passage without enough public input. The Dispatch reports that Anhorage Assemblymen Bill Evans and Ernie Hall agreed to represent the “Yes” side of the issue, but the “NO, Repeal 37” campaign declined to participate. “We have a lot of respect for our elected officials here in town,” said Brian Murphy, a spokesman for the Anchorage firefighters’ union. “We want to continue to have long-term relationships with current Assembly members. And we don’t think this is an appropriate forum for us.”

  • The Roots goes into detail about how black voters can make or break tight races and encourages them to start wielding that power now.
  • The Washington Post has some good news for Sen. Mark Begich; previous incumbents have survived similarly hostile re-election cycles before known as “wave” elections. The article goes back all the way to 1966.
  • Sean Parnell appointed Huna Totem Corporation President Larry Gaffaney to the Alaska Royalty Oil and Gas Development Advisory Board. The Juneau Empire has Mr. Gaffaney’s resume and explains the advisory board’s responsibilities.
  • Matt Buxton with the Daily News Miner has an extensive article analyzing the gubernatorial debate in Fairbanks earlier this week, mostly focusing on candidate Bill Walker’s main campaign issue: Oil and gas.
  • Speaking of oil and ga, BuzzFeed has just announced that crude prices have fallen by more than 20% and explains the international backstory for this sudden drop in price. While that is great for the American consumer, not so much for Alaskans says Dermot Cole of the Dispatch. His article outlines the multibillion-dollar budget risk Alaska now faces.
  • State Sen. Lesil McGuire gave an interview to Jill Burke where she explained that the Alaska Legislature is going to play a role in mending the Alaska National Guard.McGuire intends to “hold hearings and I am going to call for a special investigator.” Other state senators are not convinced.
  • The Koch Brothers’ Freedom Partners Action Fund Super PAC has spent $9.3 million this last quarter targeting candidates, including U.S. Senator Mark Begich. The Wall Street Journal gets the donors behind the Super PAC, some of whom are surprising.
  • The Juneau Empire reports that after a Juneau elementary school teacher confesses that he has a medical marijuana card, parents aren’t all copesetic.
  • Rep. Don Young’s murderous implications at the congressional Kodiak debate caught the eyes of both New York Magazine and RollCall. Roll Call asked to for clarification — whether the last person to touch him really did end up dead. Young’s response: ‘There’s some truth to that.’… Young didn’t elaborate, and his press secretary instructed CQ Roll Call to move on.”  RollCall also offered up this puff piece on Young, maybe so his office will continue to take their calls.
  • The Washington Post reports that U.S. Senator Mark Begich’s plan to campaign on expanding Social Security is not an untried strategy, particularly in this election cycle.
  • The HuffingtonPost has a Nonpartisan Candidate Guide for Alaska Senate Race 2014. Pretty straightforward questions ranging from unemployment benefits to climate change to abortion. The candidates’ answers are mostly yes/no based on previous interviews, debates and trusted resources such as and the candidates’ websites. It’s fun and easy read.
  • Nathaniel Herz with the Dispatch tweeted a curious picture regarding Super PAC Vote 2 Reduce Debt’s mot recent filing. They paid over $7,000 in a voter rally in support of U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan. And this group wants to reduce the debt?

From the Department of Corrections: The item about United for Liberty’s debate tonight had some issues. First, the debate isn’t cancelled but is changed to an educational format. Secondly, at issue is Ballot Measure 1, not Ballot Measure 4.

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3 thoughts on “Inside/Outside morning news roundup for 10.17

  1. Ephraim Froehlich

    You are correct, V2RD is a group focused on debt reduction in federal government. Not sure how that bars them from investing money in TWO, not one as reported, rallies to promote candidates who will help their focus become a reality. Understandable, yet horribly flawed logic. I hope to see you at the rallies so you can see what the funds were spent on while supporting Dan Sullivan!

  2. Anonymous

    If Bill Walkers main campaign issue is oil and gas and we still havent heard a straight answer on whether he is going to continue the LNG plan or change it… what kind of campaign is he running if that is his main campaign topic! Alaska will be royally fucked if he is elected.

  3. Anonymous

    The ballot measure is actually Prop 1. Not prop 4. Also, the United For Liberty Alaska event wasn’t canceled, just altered to be an educational forum due to the Unions refusing to participate.

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