Inside/Outside morning news roundup for 10.24

  • Those who purchased tickets for yesterday’s NRC debate between U.S. Senator Mark Begich and his challenger Dan Sullivan, saw some sparks flying over Begich’s record regarding resource development, particularly on his refusal to answer how he voted on SB 21’s repeal. But much of the debate was centered around U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Don’t take my word for it; Nathaniel Herz and Austin Baird also made the same connection.
  • Note to self, if you own a bar that is directly across the street from where a huge annual convention takes place, maybe it’s best not have a Mondo sign advertising beer specials using said convention’s logo, as was the case with McGinley’s, the bar that Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan owns a slice of. AFN, who noted the unpleasant history with the product being sold, complained. McGinley’s took it down. APRN’s Alexandra Gutierrez has the story.
  • KTVA has some explaining to do. First, they “accidentally” played U.S. Senator Mark Begich’s original Hortonesque Jerry Active ad earlier than planned over Labor Day weekend, and then yesterday the highly dissed Active commercial “accidently” was played again 12 days before the election. Maybe in a post-Citizens United election year, when they’re raking it in by the barrel-full, they could make sure to try to get these things right.
  • Didn’t know anything about First Lady Sandy Parnell? Neither did I. Read about her here.

  • The Hill runs with an alliteratively titled piece, “Daring to Dethrone Democratic Dynasties.” Sen. Mark Begich is among those mentioned.
  • DNR Commissioner Joe Balash rips into Bill Walker’s supposed pipeline plans in the ADN. Whatever you think about the piece, one things for sure: Balash isn’t playing it safe here, which is refreshing.
  • The state has once again shown voters that while public comments on proposals are encouraged, the final decision is made without their weighted consideration. The Fairbanks News Miner has a piece about how such comments aren’t, in DOT-speak, “weighted and they are not a vote to determine the final outcome of a project.” At issue were changes to College Road.
  • Twitter is all a flutter in anticipation over whether EPA’s U.S. Administrator, Gina McCarthy’s keynote at today’s food policy conference in D.C. will include Pebble Mine.
  • The Juneau Empire covered Sen. Dennis Egan’s speech at the Juneau Chamber of Commerce where he declared, “I personally am a big proponent of The Road and I agree with Alternative 2B.” DOT Alternative 2B is more commonly known as the controversial “Juneau Access project” that would utilize a new 50 mile road to connect Juneau to a yet-to-be built ferry station that would then provide a jump off point to Haines and Skagway.
  • InfluenceExplorer revealed that the League of Conservation Voters have given Alaska SalmonPAC $150,000 in support of U.S. Senator Mark Begich’s re-election campaign.
  • Last night’s debate between Rep; Scott Kawasaki and his challenger Greg Bringhurst was more like a meeting of a mutual admiration society than competitors to a state House seat. The Fairbanks News Miner reports that they both agreed on a wide variety of issues, with Rep. Kawasaki going so far as to say, “It’s the bold ideas that Greg’s talking about [regarding support for young professionals tackling student loans and Internet connectivity] that if we can have those bold ideas, then the next generation won’t have those slow Internet prices.”
  • The Huffington Post has an interview with the student that asked Rep. Don Young about marriage equality. Also, Lisa Murkowski called on Young to apologize for his insensitive remarks.
  • The Juneau Empire reports that night the Juneau Assembly heard public comments on changes to the city’s senior tax exemption polices. The main consensus by the very people this tax change would affect? Eliminate both the senior sales tax for 65 and older and the new broad sweeping tax exemption for residents of all ages. Surprise.
  • Just how red is Alaska? DSC’s chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said that Alaska was purple, but The Hill has released a chart that ranks all of the fifty states from deepest purple to bloodiest red. According to them, Alaska is only a shade less red than Alabama. That puts it at second-rubiest.
  • Sen. Mark Begich’s new ad, Works for Alaska, is great. He says straight into the camera, “I’m fighting like hell” though not in the same impassioned voice of Howard Beale. Nobody can beat Howard Beale, but this is one of Begich’s best.

15 thoughts on “Inside/Outside morning news roundup for 10.24

  1. Mr. Sensitive

    Maybe Mayor Sullivan and Congressman Young can start a consulting business to teach people who to be PC.

  2. Mae

    Bartender/”mayor” Dan did not have permission to slap the AFN logo on his beer banner hung outside his bar.
    What a jerk.
    He wins the “I am a idiot” award of the internets.

    Maybe his running mate, Parnell, can loan him a Choose Respect banner?

  3. Lynn Willis

    Is this is latest variant of the “he had no authority” excuse? Are you also going to also equally criticize a couple of conscientious State Senators, who we know had gone to see Katkus (and one of them also the Governor) to ask about this, as now exploiting this episode for political gain? Appointment of a special prosecutor would have allowed this to rise above politics; however, that course was not chosen by “guess who”. Do you expect every attorney in Alaska to be contacting the FBI and others regarding every suspect complaint of bad behavior? I remember Walker claiming he asked the press to look into this. That seems appropriate at the time. Who knew it would grow into what it is now at that point in the time-line?
    I suggest you educate yourself regarding the difference between the command authority vested in the Governors of the individual states under Title 32 USC (United States Code) for the National Guard and the command authority vested in the President of the United under States under Title 10.USC for the federal active forces. Two different worlds exist until the Title 32 forces are mobilized under Title 10 authority into the federal forces.

  4. John Q. Public

    From the National Governor’s Association: “Governors serve as commanders-in-chief of their respective state’s National Guard forces.”

  5. Truth Teller

    Alan Putnam makes an excellent point is his comment. The National Guard is in reality under a federal command. Parnell has limited authority to be responsible outside of the Adjuyant General and the Deputy Commossioner. It is my uunderstanding that is power and authority is limited. Walker hasn’t impressed me a lot either. When he heard about it all he did was leak it to the media for political purposes. As a lawyer, he could have written the FBI, the NG, the Governor, notified the police…….instead he played politics. He should be ashamed. I’m voting Parnell and Sullivan. I’ll let Sarah Palin vote for Bractracker Billy Walker who left his values at the door to be the Democrats boy wonder. Hey Donna, you can attest to Bill’s real character and commitment, can’t you?

  6. Alan Putnam

    Mark Begich: 1 of 100 and one of the most power people in the country. When did he first learn about the abuse in the National Guard? Was it when he was on the assembly? Was it when he was Mayor (this was happening in his city)? Or was it when he was a Senator and had the power to make change? What has he done about it? Democrats better be careful if they’re going to play this game with the Senate race too.

  7. joeblow

    Heard that since KTVA’s splashy new studio and million dollar HQ makeover, their ratings have gone …. down.

  8. Tom M.

    Begich’s new ad you’ve featured is his best yet. I”m sure it will touch the undecideds that aren’t familiiar with him. No one, including those in Hollywood, can look in the camera and so convincingly side step the truth. In just a little over a week it’ll all be over!!!! Yippee coyote!!!!

  9. Miz

    A fancy set can’t hide all the problems KTVA has. Carlos Faura is a good alternative to Purcell but the rest of thier crew needs to go back to school. Maybe hire Ms. Coyne as an ethics tutor.

  10. Sandra

    Say what they will about Obama/Reid/Begich. Who do they think Sullivan will serve as waterboy if elected. He will not be back there voting independently. He owes too many people. Remember Lisa Murkowski and Mitch McConnell (she was in all McConnell photographs for a while there). Alaska will never be first for Dan Sullivan. He owes too many, too much.

  11. Willie the Welder

    Balash’s editorial telling the truth about Bill Walker’s pipeline escapades is spot on. He has collected millions based on smoke and mirrors. Even his federal filings were corrected by third parties feeling misrepresented. Most importantly, Balash clearly points out where we are now under Parnell’s leadership. If Walker wins, it’ll be a big set back for the pipeline. Building a pipeline of this magnitude requires commitment and hard work. From what I hear, Parnell understands commitment.

  12. Jeannie M.

    One has to wonder if KTVA was playing politics with Begich’s Horton-neque Jerry Active ad and if they were, were they trying to help or hurt his campaign? Or are they really just that incompetent of a television station?
    If they really are that incompetent and are looking for new management, after reading today’s news roundup on this site, I”d recommend that KTVA look at the manager of the Mayor’s restaurant and bar downtown. From what I read, he has some marketing talents that might be a step up for the boys and girls at Channel 11.

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