Inside/Outside morning news roundup for 9.24

  • The Daily Journal is reporting that the mighty political arm of the NRA has endorsed Gov. Sean Parnell for his re-election campaign. Parnell has been awarded an A+ rating, which is the gold standard here in Alaska.
  • KTOO reports that because of a dip in government employment, Juneau failed to add jobs for the first time in three years in 2013.
  • In an effort led by Assemblyman Dick Traini, who had been coordinating with the anti-pot people, the Anchorage Assembly almost unanimously voted against Ballot Measure 2 last night during their Assembly meeting. Ballot Measure 2 would increase marijuana legalization policies in Alaska. According to APRN, Chairman Patrick Flynn objected to the municipality weighing in on state issues stating, “I think it’s more of an irritant than an attractant for the position we take.” Vote No #2 was quick to spread the word via twitter on the Assembly’s support.
  • TMZ has the scoop on a story that couldn’t be better for the anti-pot people. The site reports that a neighbor of Ms. “F##ck this I quit” Charlo Greene filed a restraining order against her more than two weeks ago. The restraining order alleges plumes of pot smoke from Greene’s apartment were wafting through the halls, into his own apartment, making his 4-year-old sick. When the neighbor confronted Greene, she told him to “watch his back,” the restraining order says.
  • The Huffington Post has an article that breaks down current minimum wage realities in the U.S.
  • The little-heard-from Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Care Clift gave an in-depth interview with Andrew Wellner in the Frontiersman.

  • Former Ketchikan Rep. Kyle Johansen is obviously “A Christmas Story” fan with his “double dog dare” to increase state revenue. Do I hear a triple dog dare?
  • The Fairbanks News Miner covered the Bristol Bay Forever Initiative yesterday that was hosted by the Women Voters of the Tanana Valley. According to Max Buxton, “Measure 4 is written in such a way that it only affects the Bristol Bay region and won’t impact existing or planned mining projects in the interior.”
  • Americans for Shared Prosperity’s anti-Obama attack ad uses relationship-speak to encourage women to vote against Democratic candidates. Is it engaging or insulting?
  • Mike Mason of KDLG has backstory and the Alaska Democratic Party’s latest attack ad on Dan Sullivan regarding Subsistence.
  • Brad Keithley wrote a four-point blog entry that outlines “four basic Alaska budget facts.” He also promises to post a longer piece soon.
  • Bill Walker’s answers to the Conservative Patriots Group’s questionnaire are interesting, especially since it is one that was completed after the Unity Ticket formation. Question:  Do you believe in the sanctity of the individual from conception (Pro-Life)?  Answer:  “Yes, I am pro-life.”  How that is going to mesh with single-issue voters will be determined in November.
  • Yesterday’s Public Policy Polling results included something interesting: the Palin brawl! Scroll down to Q23 with a breakdown of political leanings further down.

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6 thoughts on “Inside/Outside morning news roundup for 9.24

  1. Josie

    Love this morning feature. Please continue this column. With this inclusion, I am good to go and don’t even need to read the Dispatch which seems to be an ever growing disappointment. You’re the best.

  2. sandy D

    Question 20 on Walker’s survey is scratched out. It asks whether he’ll support the party nominee if he loses the primary election. It should ask his running mate whether he’ll support the party nominee if he wins the primary.

    Question: “Byron Mallot, if you win the primary election will you support the party nominee?”

    Answer: “Absolutely not!”

  3. Mike

    Why would the Palin brawl be included in something regarding presidential runs? She is a political joke, a constantly amusing woman, but no future in serious political circles. Her coy replies regarding potential runs never amount to anything real. Was this line of questioning just to see how wide spread the disdain people have for her and her family?

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