Inside/Outside morning news roundup for 9.30

  • The AP reports that the plaintiffs in the lawsuit challenging the validity of the Walker/Mallott merger will not be appealing last Friday’s ruling that the Unity ticket is valid.
  • The DSCC has released a new ad targeting U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s anti-choice stance and support to empower employers to deny coverage for birth control.
  • Governor Sean Parnell’s lawyer as well as his policy director Randal Ruaro have used Sen. Mark Begich’s Jerry Active ad as one reason not to release documents pertaining to the Alaska National Guard scandal to Alexandra Gutierrez with APRN.
  • KTVA’s 11 Daybreak interviewed U.S. Sen. Mark Begich during a live, sit-down chat about Syria, November’s ballot measures, attack ads and public debates.  According to KTVA, U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan has been invited to Daybreak, but hasn’t yet responded.
  • Alaska’s polling issues have piqued interest in the UK. UK  Progressive has a piece written by Sam Wang that delved into the consistent problems pollsters have when trying to get an accurate portrayal of Alaska’s shifting political landscape.

  • KTUU reports that during an interview, Sen. Lisa Murkowski chose to remain circumspect on who she supports in Alaska’s gubernatorial race. One potential reason–she hasn’t been asked by either ticket to do so.
  •  and The Washington Post reports that U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan attended a fundraiser at The Union Club in Ohio on the very day he opted out of an organized candidate forum in Alaska. American Bridge PAC has video of U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan at said fundraiser.
  • A new Gallup poll released yesterday shows that Republican leaning Louisiana is now leaning Democratic in their U.S. Senate race. Could this leaning be copied in Alaska with Sen. Begich?
  • It’s Official! Piers Morgan has joined forces with MailOnline, the word’s largest English language newspaper website, to become their editor-at-large and will focus on bringing analysis and commentary on stories that garner attention in the U.S.
  • USA Today is reporting that Bill Simmons suspension with ESPN could lead to the demise of Nate Silver’s 538 website. Simmons was Silver’s biggest champion and Silver’s site is just not delivering the expected traffic.
  • The first Alaska oil export in over a decade is being carried by a ConocoPhillips tanker making its way to South Korea where it’s due to arrive around October 10, 2014, per The Hill.
  • Charles Bingham with the Alaska Commons writes that the U.S. Department of Transportation is starting a new Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Initiative whose aim will be to help states “determine what needs to be done to make conditions safer for walkers and bicyclists.”
  • The Fairbanks News Miner has a piece about the two candidates duking it out over the Fairbanks City Council Seat F that was left vacant after John Eberhart was elected Mayor.
  • Despite Sen. Mark Begich’s endorsement of Bill Walker for Governor, Walker declined to return the favor.
  • Becky Bohrer with the AP has two articles about the Alaska gubernatorial debate last night. One involves the gas line and the second regarding the Minimum Wage ballot measure.
  • The FreeBeacon has an audio clip from the Dave Stieren Show where Sen. Mark Begich admits he never personally received permission from the victims of Jerry Active for the ad that was run earlier this month.

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8 thoughts on “Inside/Outside morning news roundup for 9.30

  1. crystalwolf

    How hypocritical that the Governor who vetoed a law protecting individual Alaskan’s by shielding them from harm by having non-criminal records expunged is now totally dedicated to hiding behind the law to shield his conduct and behavior in this episode.
    How Palin of him!

  2. Lynn Willis

    Alaska has too many veterans and other associated with the Military who clearly understand that, since the Governor is the Commander in Chief of the State National Guard, the military operates on, for lack of a better description, the concept of “the buck stops here” at the top of the chain of command. This scandal belongs to the Governor because of the time and efforts involved to make him finally act. Throwing a few suboridinates under the bus is not sufficent action to account for his behavior.
    How hypocritical that the Governor who vetoed a law protecting individual Alaskan’s by shielding them from harm by having non-criminal records expunged is now totally dedicated to hiding behind the law to shield his conduct and behavior in this episode.

  3. crystalwolf

    IM has a blog post that says that Sullivan is a “OUTSIDER”! Also too
    he says: “Here’s my question.
    Why can’t Sullivan find money to fund his campaign right here in Alaska?
    I’ll tell you why, because he is not one of us.
    He is a fecking outsider, and he needs money from other outsiders in order to win our Senate seat. ”
    Daddy, what’s a “CarpetBAGGER”?
    Really he has a good question?

  4. crystalwolf

    you should read her book (If you haven’t) “Crude Awakening” has a lot of Alaska history and what not in there. Really Good!!!


    All the news I need to know, right here in Love your site, your writing too. Your writing voice connects. You got a good and growing enterprise going here. Keep going. Many of us appreciate and value all the hard work you put in daily to keep us informed. The 49th state is a better place with

  6. anonymous

    Good roundup of the news. I was somewhat disappointed that the media didn’t give broader coverage to the gubernatorial debate in Juneau. From what accounts that I’ve heard, Governor Parnell did a great job and remaoined consistent on the issues while Mr. Walker seemed to flip-flop on almost every issue. If you have more news from the debate, I’d sure like hearing about it. I don’t like politicians changing their story from one part of the state to the next. There are matters about Walker that continue to cause me great concern.

  7. Mike

    Your daily news roundup is the best out there. I really hope FiveThirtyEight won’t get dumped. I like the smart/sports mix it has going on and would miss it if it did.

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