Inside/Outside morning news update for 11.27


  • Lots of politicians and political wonks charge for speeches. A lucky few get to charge lots for speeches.  There’s nothing new or surprising about this 21st century political fact. That’s why the sudden attention regarding Hillary Clinton’s UCLA speech is puzzling. The Washington Post has the most in-depth look at this $300K speech fee and the fact that she insists that hummus and crudité is in her green room, amongst other things. Is this just the most recent in Hillary bashing during a slow media cycle or is there something to this I’m not grasping?
  • Politico has a guide to the Republican Senate and their new inner warring factions. Who will win?  The Young Guns or the Gavel Bangers?
  • APOC rejected Charlo “F*#k It, I Quit” Greene’s objection to its subpoena to further investigate potential campaign finance law violations.
  • Speaking of marijuana issues, the Fairbanks Daily Miner has details of a Fairbanks-area special inter-governmental work session of the three Assembly/City Councils (Fairbanks Borough, North Pole and Fairbanks) and the public to guide local laws on how to manage the-soon-to-be legal marijuana.

  • Alaska, the Democratic Party’s ying to the Republican Tea Party’s yang finally has a name. They are now known as the “Hell No” caucus and Politico’s story about them is spectacular.
  • The Huffington Post reports that Southern Democrats are going back to their roots of energizing minorities and progressive whites for a rebound of party representational wins in 2016. Their previous strategy of being less conservative than Republican has apparently “hurt the Democratic Party brand”.
  • The Peninsula Clarion was there when the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly debuted its online video stream. Now, anybody that wants to follow their Assembly proceedings can do so from the comfort of wherever. This is the very definition of government accessibility and progress.
  • The Department of Commerce is considering adding two species of rockfish to its Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery Management Plan to minimize the damage of overfishing. This might be rather difficult since the species in question are routinely mistaken for Pacific red snapper and swim in the same waters. How this might impact Alaskan fisheries is anybody’s guess.
  • The city of North Pole has filed a lawsuit against the current and previous owners of Flint Hills Alaska Resources for sulfolane contamination of residents’ groundwater.
  • She might have just had a heart procedure, but The Hill reports that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be back to work on Monday, because of course she will.
  • Women serving our country in the U.S. military know firsthand how difficult it is to get justice and remain protected during proceedings when they become the victim of sexual assault while they are active military. The New York Times has a piece that explains the military’s draconian, byzantinesque bureaucracy to the layman.
  • The Alaska Senate Majority has tweeted the fact that they are looking for today’s best and brightest to become senate pages for the ’14-’15 legislative session. Young Alaskan political wonks should apply.
  • Many people received Sen. Mark Begich’s donation request for Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA), but what was missed by many except Politico was a tiny mention at the bottom of the ask that “Donations made to Alaskans for Begich will be used to pay debt.”
  • It appears in Rep. Don Young’s most recent FEC filing that he spent $4600 on a “campaign dinner” shortly after winning the title of the longest serving Congressman on November 4.
  • To leave you all with a Thanksgiving memory of the last time a turkey was pardoned in Alaska. Shortly after the incident, the turkey farm shut down. It was the last commercial one in the state:

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3 thoughts on “Inside/Outside morning news update for 11.27

  1. AH HA

    What is it with Charo? It’s pretty clear to anyone who looks that she had been engaged in soliciting funds for political action in support of her favorite ballot initiative.

    Charo; free advice: Step up and take credit for your actions, both the good and the bad.

    It part of being a grown up.

  2. AH HA

    I’ve come to believe that there is something about Sarah Palin that scares the liberals to death. Other than her recent endorsement of Byron Mallott she has been pretty insignificant politically for several years and there is no other reason for them to continue to ‘Palin Bash’.

  3. CPG49

    My disgruntlement with Sarah Palin and her heathan children leaves a lot to be desired. Why continue to give her publicity of any kind?

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