Inside/Outside morning news roundup for 11.26

  • The events of Ferguson are beginning to have ripple affects that has Alaska ramifications. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) proposes for law enforcement across the nation to wear body cameras. The Hill explains what proponents of the legislation have to say about Cleaver’s legislation.
  • The gov-elect’s pick for Attorney General has tongues a waggin’ since Craig Richards is Walker’s law partner. The other three appointments have elicited little more than an, “eh.”
  • Les Gara (D) has plans to file a bill that prevents attack ads from appearing in future taxpayer funded general election guide, per the Juneau Empire.
  • Three months after the epic explosion of a rocket at the state-owned Kodiak Launch Facility, cleanup continues, according to the Kodiak Daily Mirror.
  • The Energy Guardian outlines the Obama Administration’s latest set of smog standards.
  • The Juneau Empire has an editorial to end all editorials. Their frustration over The Road has apparently reached operatic levels. Exhibit A: their headline; Give us the whole road.
  • Sen. Lisa Murkowski talks with KTVA’s Rhonda McBride about her upcoming priorities as chair of the Energy committee, and chair of the Interior Appropriations Subcommittee. The priorities: The King Cove Road, offshore drilling, and of course, ANWR, which some skeptics might say is like asking for world peace. But it’s the holiday season so we’ll nod our heads politely.

  • The Fairbanks News Miner has the details on an interesting court case where Fairbanks Mayor John Eberhart is fighting a government entity most politicians are too scared to fight: APOC. Eberhart argues that the government agency exceeded their authority when they fined his campaign.
  • Huffington Post reports that the top contender for DOD Secretary, Michele Flournoy, has removed herself from the short list citing family reasons.
  • Flournoy’s decision to stay put at the the think tank, The Center for American Security, in the Pentagon makes more sense after reading Politico’s article that paints the Obama administration more like a high school clique than the brain trust of our country. Dysfunction stemming from Dennis McDonough and Susan Rice doesn’t even begin to describe the work environment these two have created.
  • Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg successfully underwent heart procedure She’s as feisty as ever and has no intention of resigning.
  • Carly Fiorina is contemplating a 2016 presidential bid, according to the Washington Post. How realistic this will be after a 2010 failed Senate bid and a massive campaign debt is up to the GOP party members.
  • Politico wonders if after the 2014 losses, will the Tea Party chill?
  • The Nome City Council killed a proposal that would have placed a sales tax on churches and nonprofits, but helped to fill the city’s $800,000 budget-hole, according to KNOM.
  • According to Bloomberg, it doesn’t appear that Saudi Arabia or other OPEC countries are considering curbing oil production, hence the price will likely continue to drop, and Alaska will continue to feel the pain.
  • Yukon-Kuskokwim residents debated two proposals that would change the power structure by creating a tribal government. While the meeting at the Egan Center was closed to reporters and the public, the Dispatch got the details.

3 thoughts on “Inside/Outside morning news roundup for 11.26

  1. Shame on You

    The Republicans can’t even fight amnesty for illegals, you think they can stand for anything with integrity. Yeah, sure! that’ll be the day. R’s, D’s, same band of criminals, one party, two names spelled differently. I’m still waiting for a second party to come along in D.C, one that follows the constitution a 100%. I guess that will never happen.

  2. Billiam

    Lisa Murkowski has spent the last 10 years telling us how powerful she is. She spent the last 6 months telling us that to be even more powerful she needed Dan Sullivan. Are you telling me she won’t be able to get ANWR, King Cove Road, Revenue Sharing, OCS through at least the Senate? And with her “partner” in the House she can’t get it done there, too?

    Before you all scream at me that Obama will veto all of these things, let’s see how powerful she is and see if she can get them through her own legislative body.

    My bet? No way. Alaska is about to see exactly how “effective” she really is.

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