Irony alert: State calls on feds to stop deficit spending

As the Alaska state Legislature is on the cusp of passing a budget that will force the state into unprecedented deficit spending, Gov. Sean Parnell signed legislation on Tuesday sponsored by Republicans Rep. Wes Keller, and Sen. John Coghill, calling for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the United States Constitution.

From a statement issued by Parnell:

We have worked hard to get Alaska’s financial house in order by addressing our largest budget cost driver – the state’s pension liability. Now it is time the federal government takes the necessary steps to address its out-of-control debt. America remains on an unsustainable spending path and we cannot rely on Congress or the president to fix this problem. A Balanced Budget Amendment will be an effective tool to rein in federal spending and not saddle future generations with our country’s debt.


8 thoughts on “Irony alert: State calls on feds to stop deficit spending

  1. Wiley Cason

    Geesh, I didn’t know the constitution gave him such broad power to cut spending.. makes his statement all the more laughable. Hope to see it brought up by both challengers over and over in the debates.

  2. Zot

    You gotta be kidding me.

    If we had more legislators like these two then we’d be bankrupt as a state in 3 years.

    I bet you get all your news from Fox too.

  3. Lynn Willis

    Irony is not the correct term. I would suggest something more salty. Sean Parnell as Governor over the last five years has had absolute authority to balance the state budget. He chose not to do that and now we are in serious deficit spending.
    Article 2, Section 15 of the Alaska State Constitution: “The governor may veto bills passed by the legislature. HE MAY, BY VETO, STRIKE OR REDUCE ITEMS IN APPROPRIATION BILLS (emphasis added). He shall return any vetoed bill, with a statement of his objections, to the house of origin.”
    We can do better……

  4. Garand Fellow

    It’s true that there are no fiscal conservatives in Alaska government. But it’s also true that the state has made no uncounted promises, and at least it is struggling to meet contractual (and Constitutionally protected) promises made to public employees. The federal government does not measure or recognize the dollars promised to disabled veterans, federal retirees, Social Security beneficiaries, etc. etc. No one knows how these stories will end.

  5. RWS

    Representative Wes Kellor and Senator John Coghill are fiscal and social conservatives. Their walk matched their talk. Their introduction and support of this measure is not in any way ironic. The irony comes from the others who supported the measure while they fail to keep their own spending from reaching deficit spending. Wish there were more legislatoes like Coghill and Keller

  6. True Blue

    This is hilarious and as you say ironic. The Republicans in Juneau are not fiscal conservatives despite their pretense.

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