Latest absentee ballot requests by party

Here’s the party breakdown of absentee ballot requests as of Friday, Sep. 26:

26-Sep Counts %
R 8,495 41%
D 4,095 20%
N/U 8,323 40%
Total 20,913


In Alaska, about 27 percent of voters are registered Republicans, about 14 percent are registered Democrats, and about 54 percent are nonpartisan/undeclared. Although the numbers for Republicans look good, keep in mind that Republicans in Alaska traditionally vote absentee at a much higher rate than do Democrats. What’s also interesting is that neither party seems to be working that huge swath of nonpartisan/undeclared voters.


5 thoughts on “Latest absentee ballot requests by party

  1. Joeblow

    PITA to change registration from N/I to R or D. Lots of folks are registered I and vote R. Been that way for years.

  2. What

    Im not sure what that means. Nobody is “working” U’s and N’s that have applied for a mail ballot? I’m certain that is not true.

  3. Elizabeth

    New Anchorage resident and the awesome Dem workers were registering people to vote today–can’t wait to cast my absentee ballot!

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