LeDoux stands up to Keithley with scathing response

Anchorage Republican Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux wrote a scathing response to the news that “fiscal hawk” Brad Keithley has chosen her to be on what’s being called his “hit list.” Keithley announced on Thursday that he is going to put some of his promised $200,000 into supporting her opponent,  Democrat Laurie Hummel. (See the backstory here). LeDoux vows not to be “pushed around” and accuses Keithley of having a reputation of “bullying and taking advantage of women.”

Here’s LeDoux’s press release:

“Brad Keithley is a very intelligent man with a lot of money. He also has a reputation for bullying and taking advantage of women. I have a very simple message for Mr. Keithley: having raised two children by myself I learned to be a strong woman who doesn’t get pushed around by bullies.

I am very proud of my legislative record and I don’t believe this has anything to do with fiscal responsibility. This is about a man who needs to be in the limelight to make himself look important.

If my opponent is counting on Mr. Keithley’s money to attack my record – she is yet another woman being led down the garden path by a snake oil salesman.

I have a reputation for working hard, listening to voters at their doors, and acting on their concerns in the state legislature. If Mr. Keithley wants to impact politics – I suggest he try it the old fashioned way – by knocking on doors and looking people in the eye.”

As evidenced by the numerous conversations I’ve had with women who have known Keithley,  the latter charge about this reputation appears to be true.

Keithley found LeDoux’s response amusing:

Keithley ledoux response

Also on Keithley’s list are incumbents Majority Leader Lance Pruitt and Democrat Rep. Geran Tarr. He’ll also be supporting Republican House candidate Anand Dubey in West Anchorage.

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15 thoughts on “LeDoux stands up to Keithley with scathing response

  1. RKA

    Brad Keithly appears to be kookier by the day. The allegations of how he treats women are chilling. While I can’t speak definitively, there has to be some truth in numbers. I’m surprised at the number that even I know of that have been scarred by this creep. More to the poiint, his selections are idiotic and represent no meaningful common thread. The people he is supporting, if they are credible people, should denounce his support. I will vote against anyone that this guy is supporting. For starters, hiis selection of people he is supporting leaves a lot to be desired. Keithly is clearly one of those people more interested in being something than doing something. Quit giving this creep coverage. He’s begging for attention. Total weirdo.

  2. Steven

    My guess is that LeDoux will prevail regardless. Nobody works harder to get to know and serve the people in her district. Not sure why Keithley would support someone who would have likely been on the other side of the fence of the tax reform issue for which he so strongly debated against the repeal.

  3. Shattered

    I had the unfortunate experience of working with Anand when he was the Director of Enterprise Technology Services in the Department of Administration. I have nothing positive to say about him.

    I don’t know much about Matt Claman, but Anand has no business holding any public office.

  4. Jim Bob

    Anand is certifiable. He’ll be a one man bag of crazy in Juneau and will cause Mike Chenault no end of grief. The man makes Cissna and Gatto look like statesmen. Let’s hope he wins!

  5. Mike

    I met Dubey while I was over at a friends house and he was out door knocking. I had been wanting to meet him ever since Amanda posted that awesome ad of his a few months ago. That is still my favorite of this cycle. He was impressive. Dubey’s politics are a little more right than my own, but you can’t help but be impressed by his passion to represent his district. Compare that to Matt Clayman’s “Ehh, if you vote for me that fine” vibe-there’s no doubt who the winner is going to be in November. Passion gets the undecided vote every time.

  6. Judy Thompson

    Tarr is an awful person to work for. Her managerial style is to belittle her staff to the point of tears, scream at the top of lungs so that other offices can hear the vile things she says behind closed doors and throws temper tantrums and/or pouts during committee hearings if another legislator brings up a point that invalidates her argument or line of questioning. Her sense of entitlement is off-putting to many, including her constituents, and don’t get me started about her penchant for wearing loungewear to political events or that disgusting nose ring.

  7. Samuel Abney

    What’s Geran Tarr done wrong? He’s ridiculous. She’s one of the most noble and bright people we have down there in that horrible little town. There’s no accounting for taste.

  8. Anonymous

    I lived in Kodiak years ago when LeDoux first started in politics. She was a strong democrat. When she ran for the legislature she up and switched to republican— not because of any ideological attraction but because she had a better chance of winning on that ticket. People were furious and ever since have regarded her as an opportunistic turncoat who will do or say anything to win. Anything.

  9. Chris Lloyd

    Keithley is targeting two Democrats and two Republicans. Two women and two men. He may well be a bad person (Amanda, evidence please) but this looks like smart politics to me. Ledoux and Claman are weak and were on their way to lose anyway. It looks like he’ll get to claim two political scalps on the cheap, giving him a 50% victory rate without much work.

  10. Chris Lloyd

    Gabi is one of the nastiest, ill-tempered snakes ever to slither into Juneau. She is a true political bad actor. She was already in deep political trouble this cycle due to a strong opponent in Col. Laurie Hummel, but now that she’s is going to be carpet bombed by a rich guy’s money she is well and truly sunk.

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