Loose Lips: Furniture subcommittee. Prevo’s seal. Who drank the Kool-Aid?

feminism The Legislative Council subcommittee on furniture for the Anchorage Legislative Office building met on Monday morning. Members included Rep. Bill Stolze, House Speaker Mike Chenault, and Senate President Charlie Huggins. All in all, a pretty esteemed group to be sitting on a subcommittee dealing with furniture, but sit they did and they decided to recommend to the entire committee that they use existing and state surplus furniture where possible. They also authorized no more than $100,000 for new furniture, which seems pretty responsibly meager considering that the full Council authorized a $100,000 payment to developer Mark Pfeffer–the master of no bid contracts–just to advise on the purchase of new furniture.

Congratulations to Peter and Erin Micciche on the birth of their daughter. The baby arrived Sunday morning at 12:37 a.m. and as of Monday evening, Iowa time, suggested names are Mikayla Michele, Denali Aurora. Summer Renea. Recommendations from this blogger:  Josephine Ruth, Macauley Margaret, after my nieces who are looking over my shoulder as I write this.

Barbara Propes is expected to be named chief of staff of Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell’s lieutenant governor’s office.

Yesterday, Rev. Jerry Prevo’s Anchorage Baptist Temple celebrated “God and Country Day” with guest speaker Rev. Franklin Graham. Cue the politicians. Gov. Parnell, was out of town, but he provided a video thanking Rev. Graham for his work in Alaska with special praise for his commitment to the Wounded Warrior program. Others looking for the Prevo seal of approval: GOP senatorial candidates Mead Treadwell, Dan Sullivan, and Congressman Don Young, Independent governor hopeful Bill Walker wasn’t there, but his wife Donna was, as was Craig Fleener and his wife Uliana who are members of the church. House District 16 Republican nominee hopeful Don Hadley also showed.

Former senator Linda Menard and retired lieutenant colonel Michael Post were married on June 21st in a private solstice ceremony near Palmer. Sarah Palin’s father, Chuck Heath, officiated.

The Daily Beast headline read: “Meet the Anti-semites, Truthers, and Alaska Pol at D.C.’s Pro-Putin Soiree.” According to the article, “the occasion was the Russian World Forum, an annual confab of Russian scholars sympathetic to Moscow, businessmen with interests in Russia, and various outcasts on both ends of the American political spectrum.” It was, basically, a pro-Putin rally. The two American government officials who attended were Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell and Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie. Treadwell is distant in the piece; the only quote he’s given is one about being able to see from his house. After reporters began asking questions about why Treadwell attended the event, he released a statement saying that it was unfortunate that the reporter “ignored my actual remarks criticizing Russia.” If that’s true, and there’s no reason to believe that it isn’t, he was the only one in attendance to speak harshly about the country.

The No on #1 committee, which is fighting the proposed oil tax repeal, has a busy Independence Day scheduled.  They’ll be participating in six parades – – Kenai, Seward, Anchorage, Wasilla, North Pole and Juneau.

The bi-weekly Republican Forum at the Mat-Su Family Restaurant met last Thursday at noon and featured Cathy Tilton and her state House bid. Some of the folks that showed for the luncheon: Reps. Bill Stoltze and Lynn Gattis; Pastor Stan Tucker; Tammy Miller; Jeff Logan with the AK Outdoor Council; and, Noel and Jean Woods.

About 50 people drank the Kool-Aid at Rep. Lynn Gattis’ campaign kick-off in Wasilla Thursday evening. Literally. Leave it to trend setting Wasilla to break social norms and be the first Alaska political event in 2014 to actually serve the drink that gives both dietitians and cult watchers the heebeegeebees. Some of the folks attending the event included: Sen. Mike Dunleavy; Rep. Bill Stoltze; Wasilla City Councilwomen Gretchen O’Barr and Colleen Sullivan-Leonard; CPAs Dan and Janet Kennedy; Palmer City Councilwoman Linda Combs; local businesswoman Janet Kincaid; Ted Leonard from AIDEA; and, Mat-Su Borough Assemblymen Steve Colligan and Darcie Salmon.

Wonder why you were getting so many email solicitations this past week? Today is the end of the second quarter; consequently, Federal candidates and campaigns must close out their financials and prepare to file their FEC reports which will disclose their contributions, disbursements, cash and debt balances. Reports are due July 15th.

Matt Felling, Lisa Murkowski’s director of communications, celebrated his birthday this past weekend in Tylerton on Smith Island located in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. Tylerton, separated by water from the rest of Smith Island, boasts a population of 60, accessible only by boat or ferry, a trek that reporters are on the whole too lazy to take, which was likely good news to Felling. The island’s cakes are legendary. The official dessert of Maryland is named after a multi-layered cake covered in chocolate that supposedly originated from the island.

Speaking of desserts, has anyone ever seen Baked Alaska on a menu in the 49th state?

Speaking of birthdays: Jim Lottsfeldt, a lobbyist who runs Sen. Mark Begich’s super-PAC, celebrated his on Sunday at home with friends. On the menu: braised short ribs, halibut, coconut cake and rhubarb pie.

Another one, more important than the others: Happy birthday Mom!

Who knew? Matt Claman and Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux use to be law partners.

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12 thoughts on “Loose Lips: Furniture subcommittee. Prevo’s seal. Who drank the Kool-Aid?

  1. Lynn Willis

    The fiscal waste associated with the LIO scandal is now being turned into a positive by the usual suspects. So they now gather to “control spending” and bring “fiscal sanity” to this “out of control furniture expenditure”. Don’t believe it for a minute. There royal rear ends need to be seated behind, and placed upon, only the finest wood and softest fabrics – and they will be.
    Alaska politicians long ago learned the secret to obtaining high quality furniture (or anything else they want) is to parse the cost over time. Watch over the next few years as, a few pieces at a time, the finest furniture money can buy is purchased for the LIO.
    Also, how interesting that Governor Parnell, when unable to attend, can produce a video for a Jerry Prevo gathering but not for the Native American conference. Craig Fleener, call your pastor.

  2. Nora

    OHHHH!! You’ve been burned. When a Republican group burns another Republican group during this election, I’m calling it getting “Marked”.

    You’ve been Marked, Booooie!

  3. Jim Bob

    The DC Republicans really, really want their boy Dan to be their Alaskan water carrier. It’s incredible to watch them stab Mead over stupid stuff when their own pick was part of Dubya’s worthless administration.

    So on one hand, there’s an Alaskan with brains. On their other, there’s an Ohioan who worked for Condi Rice.

  4. Reicher

    Your posting as well as the article you aggregated about the Pro Russia/Putin rally was hilarious. Our lite governor got caught and looked like a baffoon. I just wish Mr. Treadwell had a moral compass or at least one that worked. For anyone who had their doubts about Treadwell, I would say this article and Treadwell’s partiicipation in the event speaks legions to his character and judgement.

  5. Sam Dash

    Hey, Nixon – at least you picked the name of one of the biggest political liars of the 20th century. Reminds me of Mead Treadwell who now is lying, having been caught red handed, at a pro-Putin rally. Hilarious, but disgusting. It amazes me that anyone is still supporting this clown. Hey, Nixon – maybe you can be Mead’s speech writer. I think its time to start writing his concession speech. Or you could have started it 3 months ago.

  6. Nixon

    Chill out on the Slander & Libel, Sullivan supporter – it must suck representing a candidate who’s sooo flawed…well I mean, outside of his ability to raise money that is. Let’s see…

    1. Dan Sullivan went easy on rapists and child molesters through plea bargains. Jerry Active, case in point. He also presided over the beginning of the coast guard scandal in the Parnell administration.
    2. At the same time, Dan Sullivan fought against Stand your Ground legislation in 2010 and effectively took away anyone’s ability to defend their lives with firearms. (Not to say that Dan is pro-rape, but hey man, Dan’s not against Rape)
    3. Came out recently in the paper that Dan Sullivan was in favor of Carbon Emission limits and worked on global warming issues with the U.N. – not trying to mention U.N. Agenda 21 – but, ‘you on Agenda 21, Dan’

  7. CP

    Glad to see that some fiscal responsibility was brought into play on the question related to furniture acquisition. Let’s hope that the committee accepts the recommendations of this group.

  8. 49er

    Shocked and dismayed are the first two words that jump into my mind after reading the article regarding the pro-Russian soiree. The reporter was correct and fair in referring to Mead Treadwell as a “political outcast” based on his behavior and participation in this event. This sounds like a stunt that Ray Metcalfe might pull: however, certainly not what you would exppect from a senatorial candidate that wanted to be taken seriously. There is no justification for this lapse of judgement.

  9. Graham

    Mead Treadwell doesn’t seem to be content embarrassing himself. Now, he’s taken to embarrassing Alaska and all of us. Being labeled as one of two politiical outcasts in a national publication shows either a callous indifference in seeking publicity or being as dumb as a box of rocks. How can he politic at home, telling Alaskans that he is a true conservative, and then attend a pro-Putin rally in the nation’s capitol. Is he really that pathetic that his ego strives to be relevant. I think Mead needs to start thinking what he’s doing to himself. He’s beginning to look ridiiculous and is turning off Republican voters. Whoever said at the GOP debate that Mead is sounding more and more like a Republican Mark Begich couldn’t be closer to the truth. I actually thought Mead was smarter than this. I would encourage everyone to click on this Daily Beast article and read it in its entirity.

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