Loose Lips: Lynn is not retiring, Joe Miller tries his luck with the left, unions spend on Petersen

18955141_m— In my Sunday column in the Anchorage Daily News, I wrote that it had been rumored that my favorite Facebook poster Rep. Bob Lynn would be retiring after he got his bill on immigration and driver’s licenses passed. As you know who might say, au contraire mon cheri. Lynn isn’t going anywhere, he said on his Facebook page. On the subject of his retiring, he writes, “Despite maybe someone’s wishful thinking, Bob Lynn is definitely a candidate for re-election. I’ve worked hard to represent folks effectively and, quite frankly, I think I’ve done a very good job.” Lots of others in Lynn’s district, who have sent him to office since 2002, think so too.

— The Capital City Women’s Republican Club luncheons usually draw at least 50 or more people at their monthly luncheons. On Monday, the speaker was Lt. Gov. and U.S. Senate candidate Mead Treadwell. About 20 people showed, the worst turnout of the year. Officially, the low turnout was blamed on the rain. Unofficially, however, the women are said to be smarting from a press release Treadwell campaign released following the Lincoln Day Dinner last month, where he violated Ronald Reagan’s commandment not to criticize a fellow Republican.

— In Alaska, Joe Miller might be winning some friends by being the enemy of the enemy. But the beginnings of the odd alliance between him and Alaska’s left — who would love to see him win the primary to run against U.S. Sen. Mark Begich in the general—is lost on lower 48 media. While in D.C. for CPAC, Miller conducted an interview with a reporter from Salon. The gist: Miller repeatedly defends state’s rights and the reporter repeatedly asks if those rights extend to discriminating against people of color. It goes on. The way the interview wraps up says it all. “You know, I’m willing to engage in a dialogue, but we aren’t going to go into the moronic on this, OK?,” Miller says as a statement rather than a question. The piece is titled, “’Absolutely moronic’: Inside the mind of a Tea Party Senate candidate.”

— Carol Austerman, a Kodiak Borough Assemblywoman, has filed for the Kodiak House seat. Her father is incumbent Rep. Alan Austerman. Supposedly he’ll be retiring and supporting his daughter’s candidacy, all which brings back memories of…

— Former Gov. Frank Murkowski inserted himself in the gas pipeline debate today by sending a letter to legislators questioning how much revenue the state will lose by turning over to TransCanada what would otherwise be the state’s interest in the gasline. I’ll post the letter when I get it. (Got it. See here.)

Gov. Sean Parnell is taking a beating for his appointment of a California former oil company executive to an Alaska board that sets the value of pipelines for tax purposes. Expect more to come. And expect Parnell, as is his wont, to remain silent on the subject.

— Unions are coming out strong for Pete Petersen for Anchorage Assembly against incumbent Anchorage Assemblyman Adam Trombley. Word is that the firefighters have organized an independent group that recently made a media buy of at least $27,000, another made a $15,000 $19,000 media buy and there’s at least one more pro-Petersen group organizing. Trombley’s got his own tricks, however. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, the most popular politician in the state, is supposedly showing up at his fundraiser on Friday night in Anchorage.

Sen. Hollis French had a constituent meeting on Saturday at the Spenard rec center. About 30 people showed to munch on pizza and talk politics. Here’s a snippet of one conversation French had with a constituent:

Constituent: I want you guys to change the time zone.

French: Sen Fairclough, a really good organized legislator tried it and it’s a lot more difficult than you expect.

Constituent: Well, if you guys can’t even do that, how in the heck are you guys going to ever pass a gasline bill that makes sense?

— Shout-out to Eagle River resident Cierra Mickens who advances to the next round of the NBC show The Voice.

— Shout-out to Eddie Ahyakak for winning season 2 of the reality show Ultimate Survival Alaska. According to a press released by the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation, of which Ahyakak is a board member, the teams raced across the backcountry, from Southeast Alaska to the Interior while living off the land. The show’s season finale had the remaining teams racing to the top of 4,100’ Augustine Volcano in southwestern Cook Inlet.

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4 thoughts on “Loose Lips: Lynn is not retiring, Joe Miller tries his luck with the left, unions spend on Petersen

  1. Liz

    Have to say that I absolutely love your “loose lips” columns. They are an intiguing cross between gossip and what is truly going on in politics around the state. Some time ago, you mentioned Rep Bob Lynn’s postings on Facebook. Since then, I have occasionally followed them and have to admit that even though our political parties and philosophy are radically different, I find someting endearing about Rep. Lynn. Maybe he should teach his colleagues how to best utilize social media. By the way, my boss is amazed about how politically connected I am and how much I know about what’s going on in the local political scene. He’d love your blog; however, I’m hoping he never finds out about it.

  2. Constitutionalist

    Doesn’t the governor as part of his oath of office promise to protect and abide by the constitution or some words to such effect ? Well then, why in the world does he pay such low regard to acting legally and properly to board appointments. Governor Parnell is a growing disappointment or as our Republican congressman would say – – he’s a Captain Zero.

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