Loose Lips: ‘Moose the Movie.’ No acting mayors allowed. The B.S., I mean B.C. junket.

Loose LipsTennys Owens’ gallery, Artique, will be selling limited edition prints by Byron Birdsall that will be signed by all seven living Anchorage mayors in celebration of the city’s centennial. But wait! I count eight, including acting Mayor Matt Claman. Word is that someone in City Hall—guess who– decided that an acting mayor isn’t the same thing as the real deal. Anyhow, all the other mayors will gather August 5 to sign the prints, except Begich who had a scheduling conflict and has already signed them.

The Mat-Su Business Alliance, a for-profit corporation, has endorsed Dan Sullivan’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate in the GOP primary.

When reviewing APOC reports a few days ago, it looked like ADF&G Commissioner Cora Campbell is the only member of the governor’s cabinet that hasn’t contributed to his campaign yet.

The Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER) representing the states of Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Washington, and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon and Northwest Territories, is meeting in Whistler, B.C. this week.  Sens. McGuire, John Coghill (R-North Pole), Fred Dyson (R-Eagle River), Lyman Hoffman (D-Bethel) as well as Reps. Charisse Millett (R-Anchorage), Bob Herron (D-Bethel), Bryce Edgmon (D-Dillingham), Alan Austerman (R-Kodiak), Geran Tarr (D-Anchorage), Peggy Wilson (R-Wrangell), and Neal Foster (D-Nome) are all in attendance, on the state dime, of course. Three members of the Alaska delegation are retiring this year. Perhaps they’ll spend the time to write memos to their successors on what they’ve learned.

Last week, Jon Bittner started at the Department of Commerce as a Deputy Commissioner. Starting August 25, he’ll be joined by Fred Parady who will also be a Deputy Commissioner in the department. Parady’s responsibilities will include oversight of the Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing; Division of Community and Regional Affairs; Division of Insurance, and the Regulatory Commission of Alaska. At one time, Parady was the speaker of the house in Wyoming. Since arriving in Alaska, however, he appears to have some difficulty holding jobs for what might be considered a reasonable period of time. Let’s hope a state job works out better for him. After all, the last DECD Deputy Commissioner only served about four months.

Every statewide politician worth a spit plus all the local politicians had entries last weekend in Fairbanks’ Golden Days Parade. The 1st place award for best political float went to North Pole’s Rep. Tammie Wilson. While Rep. Wilson was making an impression at the Golden Days Parade, TAPS moved their 17 billionth barrel of oil which represents a whole lot of state revenue no matter what tax regime it was taxed under.

There were at least three fundraisers for statewide candidates on Tuesday: The first, at the Petroleum Club was Gov. Sean Parnell’s second one of the day. It was hosted by some of the state’s leaders active with outdoor hunting and fishing groups. Spotted: Safari Club board member and Mat-Su Borough Assemblyman Steve Colligan who also acted as the emcee for the event; Ricky Gease who is the executive director of the Kenai Sports Fishing Association; Dr Brett Barringer; Spencie Netschert; Prez of the AK Safari Club Eddie Grasser, and Bethany Marcum, to name a few.  On the south side of town in the Botanical Heights area, Larry Partusch was hosting an event for GOP senate candidate Dan Sullivan. About 40 people showed, many of whom were from the local building industry. Spotted in the crowd: Ray and Suzanne Hickel, Chuck and Jackie Spinelli, Rep. Craig Johnson, Karen and Paul Michelson, Mike Mills, and Bill and Tami Taylor. Finally, former Rep. and statewide Democratic candidate Ethan Berkowitz hosted an event in his west side home for Democratic Lt. Gov. Candidate Bob Williams. About 15 people showed. Williams said it was “awesome.” Spotted: Young Dems Laura Herman and Dan Duque. Lauren Horn, Kay Coulson, Andy Holleman, Laura Kimmel, Steve Carroll, and Marilyn Pillifant.

Sen. Bill Wielechowski and Gregg Erickson swept the floor at the oil tax debate on Wednesday night which was held at the auditorium at Loussac Library and was so packed the fire marshal had to turn folks away. Only in Alaska. They went against Brad Keithley, and petroleum economist Roger Marks, both of whom are very smart, but their arguments didn’t lend themselves to one liners about getting ripped off by the oil companies, and it being our oil.

“An ancient Alaskan-Native god of revenge rears up its ugly head and terrorizes the small Alaskan town of Gangrene Gulch. A rookie park ranger and his part-time librarian assistant are the only hope of restoring the normal dysfunction of the town.” So goes a description of the forthcoming, low budget film, “Moose the Movie.” The setting? Wasilla, naturally. An extra in the film? Verne Rupright, naturally, who is one of the “Three Amigos,” who’s running for state House because he understands Wasilla dysfunction better than most.

Downtown venues close to the Egan Center, which will be hosting Election Central on primary election night, are booking up for election night parties, especially by the senate candidates : Treadwell’s campaign will be at Sub-Zero; Begich’s campaign at Flattop Pizza; and, Sullivan’s campaign at Fat Ptarmigan.

Word is that municipal phone lines were ringing off the hook this week all across the state as the Begich campaign dialed local elected officials in pursuit of endorsements.

Just in time for berry picking season: 5000 berry buckets with a Vote No on #1 message are headed to the Bush this week.

GOP senate candidate Dan Sullivan is headed out of state tomorrow for about a week for Marine reserves training.

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20 thoughts on “Loose Lips: ‘Moose the Movie.’ No acting mayors allowed. The B.S., I mean B.C. junket.

  1. Brad Keithley

    Hahaha … Interesting insight. Here was another I received by email after last night’s debate from a previous undecided. “I actually have been convinced reading and listening to you … and a few others that I trust. I was never in favor of ACES, but I wasn’t sold on SB 21 either (or HB 110 for that matter). I think you guys did great and have the facts on your side. [As for the crowd reaction,] I think at the end they were just mad that you guys had the answers that they didn’t think you’d have.” A video of the full debate is now posted at http://bit.ly/1ukH5By for those that want to make up their mind on their own. A few other reflections of mine post debate are at http://bit.ly/1ukHeF9.

  2. John Smith

    Completely telling that your only retort is a lame attempt to point out slight grammatical errors, rather than answering for your complete ignorance on the subject that you brought up. Give it another shot. I am sure you can come up with a more articulate and reasoned response than this sophomoric drivel.

  3. Okay here's a name for you: Thucydides

    If you wanna call me incoherent, do a rough proof of what you write.

    “Lt. Col. Sullivan is service some of that AT over the next week.”

    “If put as much effort into educating yourself”

    If you need help understand what I wrote, go ahead and ask.

  4. Jason

    Read with interest where the senate campaigns were hosting their primary election night parties. It looks like the campaigns put some real thought into their selections. Sub-Zero is a perfect location for Mead Treadwell’s campaign. The location is dark and doesn’t have any televisions. In other words, Mead’s supporters won’t be devestated and forced to watch the bad news as returns trickle in and the darkness of the room will offer solace for the moment and help hide the tears of the young men that Mead has recruited from the Lower 48 to work in his campaign. Flattop Pizza is also a great venue for the Begich campaign as the junior senator positions himself for the general election. The locale is large, has televisions everywhere, offers decent pizza and even has pool tables. Great place for election night fun and partying. The Sullivan’s campaign will also have some good pizza courtesy of their venue at Fat Ptarmigan’s. It’s big, close to Election Central and will allow Sullivan’s supporters to go back and forth with ease. So, the Democrat and GOP senate nominees will both be carbing up for the race to November.

  5. John Smith

    This is one of the most ignorant post I have seen in a very long time. Mr. Sullivan has been asked that question and he has answered it. He will not be giving up his Marine Corps duties once elected. Why should he? This is not unprecedented and quite frankly, continuous service in the military while serving as a Senator will give him a great insight into the current military situation and broaden his ability to express the plight of the men and women in uniform. Also, military reserve duty requires one weekend of active service each month and a two week AT, usually in the summer. Lt. Col. Sullivan is service some of that AT over the next week.

    If put as much effort into educating yourself, as you do typing incoherent and intolerable ignorance on a message board, you might come off as slightly more intelligent than a bag of bananas.

  6. Lance

    Why shouldn’t LtCol Sullivan remain in the Marine Reserves once he’s a Senator? There are several in Congress who manage to serve their country in multiple ways, including concurrently being military reservists.

    What’s your real problem? Is it that your candidate is a bit behind and chose to never serve in uniform while Dan continues to put his life on the line to protect our freedom, or is it that you are basicly anti-military?

  7. Mike S.

    I’m surprised at some of the comments and the author’s inability to make a coherent point. For example, Anonymous at 9:00 am wrote some diatribe that intellectually makes little sense except to express his displeasure, and possibly his anger, at GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan. His arguments are so lame; yet, he’s smart enough to not expose his ignorance by using his real name. All so interesting. I am curious though to know if he is a member of Dummies for Begich or Treadwell?

  8. Sensible Sam

    The Producers must have been embarassed last evening over the performances by Roger Marks and Brad Keithley. They are smart guys but as debaters leave a lot to be desired. They were made to look like stooges. I support the No on Ballot Measure One Committee; however, I think that this campaign , win or lose, is likely to be remembered as the most inept and awful campaign in the state’s history. They have outspent their opponents 100 – 1 and have hardly moved the needle. Go figure.

  9. Dolly Varden

    Of course Cora hasn’t contributed to the governor. It’s no secret that she has little use for the guy. That’s what I like about the commissioner. She doesn’t let Nizich or his boss push her around. You won’t see her at the state sponsored picnics for the governor either like the rest of the suck-up commissioners because she finds it disgusting.

  10. Anonymous

    One of the full weeks of reserve training falls now for Dan Sullivan? Rough timing in the clutch eh?

    Is anyone going to ask him if he plans to remain a Marine once he’s senator!? If the answer is NO, as one would thoroughly anticipate, why on Earth doesn’t he drop the reserve service like he did his DNR post!?

    I’m glad his campaign is paying such a high price for the ability to skip out on certain debates and events on a monthly basis. It’s nice to know they think they can front run right through the 19th and on to November.

    At the Loussac last night it was obvious to me that Alaskans are not as easily wooed by big spending campaigns as the big spenders expect. Dan might be in for a rough time at Fat “we hate marijuana but we love alcohol” Ptarmigan.

  11. admin

    I completely agree. I always learn from Lynn Willis. Arctic, I also get excited when I see you comment. And where has Erp been the last few days? Jon, you out there?

  12. AlaskaCodPiece

    ADF&G’s Cora Campbell is the most hidden away, quiet Commissioner our state has ever had. That’s due to Emperor Parnell’s rigidly imposed gag order on all fisheries staff in the department to never talk with Alaskans about anything controversial such as Pebble Mine, ‘streamlining’ permitting, etc. unless it is in the most scripted, pre-approved way. Cora is no fan of Parnell and his policies that put the interests of Outside mega corporations over Alaskans.

  13. Lynn Willis

    What a dichotomy between the lifestyle of these coddled members of the Alaska Legislature on a state funded junket to British Columbia and their constituents who were at the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) meeting on Wednesday concerned about simply affording gas this winter after ENSTAR’s recent rate increase.
    Alaskans attending the RCA hearing, many of whom cannot afford to visit the Petroleum Club or Bill Sheffield’s home to more directly petition their Government with a donation check, were given five minutes to state their case to a panel of commissioners who feigned concern while admitting they didn’t thoroughly understand ENSTAR’s complex rate calculation process and then did nothing to alleviate citizens concerns.
    To illustrate how the system works, the CEO of ENSTAR attended both the RCA meeting and a prior Governor’s fund raiser at Sheffield’s house. She got what she wanted (which was no action by the RCA) while consumers got squat.

  14. Anonymous

    It could be that people with little experience managing people or organizations are tasked with managing people and organizations.

  15. Anonymous in Juneau

    DECD seems to be in a constant state of upheaval with personnel coming and going with greater frequency than you’d find at a fast food joint. Heard that a couple more people in the Division of Licensing just left. The commissioner appears to be a very talented woman; however, she seems to have little experience in managing people and organizations. There is a problem in this department, I have no idea what it is though.

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