Loose Lips: The birthday in Dubrovnik edition


  • The big news on Wednesday night, the 93rd day of the session, was the House’s failure to concur with the Senate’s version of the Knik Arm bridge. The House needed 21 for concurrence. It was shy one vote. Both Reps. Bob Lynn and Lora Reinbold were excused. Lynn’s wife was sick and he needed to be with her. Reinbold has been absent from Juneau since Monday, when she left town to head to Dubrovnik to celebrate her 50th birthday. It’s a trip that she had been planning for a year and is more important, apparently, then education or KABATA. This is is only her second session of her first term, so perhaps she, unlike others in her position, doesn’t know yet to not plan anything for a few weeks after session is supposed to be over. Eight majority members voted against the bill, including surprisingly Eric Feige, who is a member of the Mat-Su delegation, and Mia Costello, who is close to bridge booster Bill Stoltze, who is also House Finance co-chair.
  • A Jeopardy question worth $800 asked on Wednesday:


    • My money is that the Legislature will wrap up and finish on Thursday, the 94th day.
    • The state Senate today, passed an amendment to HB 306 keeping the state’s film tax credit alive until 2018. The legislation originally had the tax credit expiring in 2016. Only three senators — Sens. Charlie Huggins, Anna Fairclough and Fred Dyson, voted against the amendment.
    • Alaska Department of Administration hosted a town hall meeting Monday evening for state workers and retirees to discuss their problems and concerns with their health care program that is now being managed by Aetna. Approximately 300 people showed up to complain, causing the state to be even more unhappy than they already are with Aetna. A similar scenario played out on Tuesday in Fairbanks, where about 250 people came out.
    • Sarah Palin hits the campaign trail this week: On Thursday, April 24, she’ll be in Tulsa, Okla., joining Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee to support constitutional conservative candidate T.W. Shannon’s senatorial bid.  On Friday, April 25, she’ll be in North Platte, Neb., joining Sen. Mike Lee and Governor Kay Orr to support conservative U.S. Senate candidate Ben Sasse.  And on Sunday, April 27, she’ll be in my little sister’s town of Des Moines, Iowa. (Hi Charity!) She’ll be joining Sen. Deb Fischer, Governor Kay Orr, Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds, and U.S. Senate candidate Joni Ernst for the “Heels On, Gloves Off” Rally hosted by ShePAC.
    • GOP Senate candidates Dan Sullivan, Mead Treadwell and Joe Miller gathered today for the first time together at a KTUU Channel 2 news forum, moderated by Steve MacDonald. It’ll be aired on Friday at 7 p.m. Early word has it that it was relatively tame. No knock out punches. Not even any heated debates, which doesn’t bode well for ratings. But for me at least, it’s either that or Gavel to Gavel, wondering if Reinbold is having fun in Dubrovnik.
    • Word is that the tourism lobbyists left Juneau before the Legislature passed a bill that would create the Alaska Tourism Marketing Board, which is important to the tourism industry. Perhaps they’re taking a tour of Dubrovnik?
    • Report cards are usually given after work is done. Right? Well, Rep. Scott Kawasaki thought that he might get a jump on things, apparently. On Wednesday, before the Legislature gaveled out and before the education bill passed, he gave the leadership an “F.” For fail.
    • Days before the general election: 195.

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20 thoughts on “Loose Lips: The birthday in Dubrovnik edition

  1. AlaskaCodPiece

    Sad but true. Ms. McGuire needs to get sober or she will soon self destruct, and make an ass of herself (again) while doing so.

    Only if she chooses sobriety will she be an effective legislator.

  2. Shattered

    Yea Kyle, we’re all cowards.

    If anyone posting here runs into Kyle, be sure to have a word with him about cowardice. I know I will. It should be funny.

  3. Shattered

    Well Kyle, it seems that those who are most adamant that there be no anonymous comments are those who have something to hide. You wouldn’t know anything about that though, would you?

    I think people should be exposed for what they are. If they are honest and forthright, do things for the right reasons (a rarity in out state government lately) and take their oath as a public servant seriously, they should be recognized for it.

    If they are arrogant, self serving, manipulative, adulterous mean drunks who treat others poorly (drunk or sober) and will sell out their constituents to the highest bidder, they should be recognized for that as well.

    You see Kyle, one should be held accountable for their actions. Unfortunately, we live in a culture where you will face retribution if it were known that you were honest and/or told the truth. In many cases, it would render you unemployable if you were to tell the truth. Therefore this is a platform for truth. If that threatens you, you may want to reassess how you lead your life.

    I could go on, but I think you get my point.

    Thanks Amanda. You are the only news outlet in Alaska that I am aware of that has this type of forum anymore.

  4. Shattered

    Well, the post may be untrue, but many of have witnessed the Senate Rules Chair in a state of extreme intoxication in public. I (and many others) witnessed a drunken woman beating the snot out of her husband in front of the bowling alley in Juneau a few years back. If it hadn’t been a sitting senator, the woman would have been arrested for battery and/or domestic violence. She sure as hell didn’t choose respect that evening.

    This same senator was forcibly removed from an Alaska Airlines flight a few years back. I didn’t witness that one, but it was reported in the newspapers. A friend that did witness it (a flight attendant) tells me that she should have been arrested for that one as well. Out of control enough that the pilot thought it wise to delay the flight in order to have her removed.

    My point being, the story isn’t so far out that it’s beyond the realm of possibility. Is it true? I don’t know, but she does have a reputation for such behavior. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

  5. Kyle

    Well, I understand the value of the anonymous contribution clear back to the revolution, however, you could at least dump such vile comments such as those posted by this “Eddie” character. Come on, that is not constructive in any way. And all those cited are uncivilized if they allow such drivel. But u suppose the cowards will continue to hide! LOL.

  6. skmom

    It is worth noting that some posters need to remain anonymous to protect their employment. Retribution is a very real concern for many.

  7. Lynn Willis

    Hear! Hear! Amanda. These forums are critical to the exercise of the first amendment to foment public discourse regarding issues. I use my name; however, I recognize the importance to some of not doing so.
    Regarding individual comments ,separating the wheat from the chaff takes very little time or effort.
    Does Kyle appreciate that the Federalist Papers were published using a pseudonym?
    Those who would control speech or prefer to hear purchased speech over free speech despise the anonymity of these forums because they cannot control the process or charge for the access.

  8. admin

    Hey Kyle. Amanda here. Uncivilized, like the Washington Post, Politico, the LA Times, Seattle Times, to name just a few? I, and apparently those organizations also, think there’s value in allowing for anonymous comments.

  9. kyle

    Amanda Coyne:

    Please join the rest of the civilized journalism world and ban these anonymous posts to your stories. Seriously……..

    Kyle Johansen

  10. Anonymous

    The above post is absolutely untrue. People may be frustrated with disagreement on issues such as minimum wage or other items at the end of session, but we are all hard at work solving the ones we can such as education.

  11. Brandon

    There is a nice bridge in Dubrovnik. It spans the Rijeka Dubrovačka. The Rijeka Dubrovačka is an inlet along the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Apparently, this bridge shortcuts that coastal inlet. That would be neat to see.

  12. Eddie

    One is leaving before the job is done for selfish reasons and one is showing up to work wickedly drunk. SHEESH.

  13. Lynn Willis

    Lora Reinbold is my Representative. I watched her on the day she left the legislature. She thanked them, told them she was confindent they coutd handle the issue before them, then departed. She gave no explanation and I assumed her departure was for something very important. Turns out that was not the case. I will not tolerate my elected Representative putting her birthday plans before her duty to represent me. She had better be prepared to explain her conduct to us.

  14. Eddie

    Great post. Just One last bullet point for your blog post:
    The Rules Chair Senator Lesil McGuire was found at the Lucky Lady drinking vodka for lunch and playing pull tabs to excess. What’s wrong with getting drunk on an afternoon in the free world?
    Nothing. Well, except when you have to be at work.

    When your co-workers are waiting for you to sober up to start work, which took several hours.

    When important issues have to be held from the August primary to the November General election due to her delay.

    A considerable concern, does her staff get fired for covering this up? Splashing water on her face? Fanning her to sober up? Begging her to stop drinking and get to work?

    The biggest FAIL in all of this is that the Alaska State Senate knows of her disease and is covering for her. Does that make them accusable? How long does a boss let this continue?

    Don’t you usually get fired for showing up drunk to work? Recall much…..come on South Anchorage? Really?

  15. 357

    I was very disappointed to see the Senate extend the state’s film tax credit program to 2018. This was a stupid program in the first place and brought little real economic benefit to Alaska. Seems like all it did was give Hollywood producers bigger paychecks.

  16. Mae

    Growing up, if waited till the last minute, or didn’t show up for assigned responsibilities, my parents would of made me pick my own willow stick for the spanking.
    Our state legislature was given 90 days and they can’t even manage to eject a fart on the 89th day.

  17. Kim

    Reinbold iis an embarassment. Herr colleagues, from what I hear, make fun and snicker behind her back. She is a joke.

  18. Eagle River Resident

    Are you kidding me? My legislator walks away from education, KABATA and God only knows what else to celebrate her birthday? This is unacceptable and inconprehensible to me. She has turned her back on the public’s trust and has proven that her personal issues take precedent over public issues. It is time that Eagle River elect a new House member.

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