Loose Lips: Three Valley amigos, tension in Alaska’s GOP, Dahlstrom leaves and Kohlhaas returns


    • Ay, caramba! In the Valley, they call them the “the Three Amigos,” which for no good reason is particularly funny when you hear Rep. Wes Keller use the term to describe the three Valleyites–Roger Purcell, Steve Jacobson and Verne Rupright—who are running against Reps. Keller, Mark Neuman, Lynn Gattis. Word is that it was a joint decision. ¿Por què? Es un misterio, as are most things among those who drink the Valley water. Purcell and Jacobson have both run in the Republican primaries against Keller and Neuman and have lost big.
    • Ay, caramba, Part II: On Tuesday night, the Mat-Su March of Dimes committee had their first organizational meeting for their August fundraiser, “High Heels For High Hopes” fashion show. Word is that Mat-Su Schools Superintendent Deena Paramo and Rep. Lynn Gattis are two of a slew of models that’ll be walking the fashion show catwalk.
    • This just in: Former chair of the Alaska Libertarian Party Scott Kohlhaas has filed to run for Senate as a Libertarian. He told the online Libertarian Republican that he’ll be running on a “pro-choice, anti-war, and open borders,” which also means that he’ll be digging into Mark Begich’s support. (Addendum: Or at least that’s supposedly what he’s thinking.)
    • Word is there’s some tension between former Alaska GOP Chair Randy Ruedrich, who claims to know all about Alaska’s Republican Party and really does know a lot, and current Chair Peter Goldberg. Then again, Ruedrich, bless his heart, isn’t known to be a tension-free presence.
    • Wonder where Eddie Burke’s been? He’s now with the federal government and he’s here to help! He’s working for the VA and he even belongs to a union! Burke was at the GOP Senate debate on Thursday night sponsored by United for Liberty and the Conservative Patriots group.
    • Former Rep. Nancy Dahlstrom has given her resignation notice from her position as executive director of the Alaska Workforce Investment Board. This will be the third position with the Parnell administration from which she has resigned.
    • Kenai Borough Mayor Mike Navarre has filed a letter of intent to seek re-election.
    • On Tuesday, Linda Leary formerly with Carlisle Trucking and now with ACS hosted a fund-raiser for Governor Parnell’s re-election campaign. The rumored take was somewhere north of $5,000 but south of $10,000.
    • I’ve been told that Providence Hospital has laid off 200 Alaska employees this year with the possibility of more layoffs in the weeks ahead.
    • If you see people walking around the streets of Anchorage this weekend with white teeth and smelling of blind ambition, chances are they’ll be state legislators from places like West Virginia and Minnesota. The National Conference of State Legislatures is having their spring executive committee meeting this weekend in Anchorage. You can thank, or not, Speaker Mike Chenault and his chief of staff Tom Wright for bringing the bunch here.
    • Fundraiser alert: On Wednesday night, Cindy Sims, a force in the administration whose title seems to elude all, held a fundraiser at her home.  It was co-hosted by Parnell’s COS Mike Nizich and nearly the whole of the governor’s cabinet. Conspicuously absent? Head of Alaska’s National Guard Major General Katkus, as well as but a handful of representatives from the private sector. It was, however, crawling with state workers. Also that night Rep. Sam Kito III had one at Sweet Basil Cafe on Northern Lights, and at the Petroleum Club, Speaker Mike Chenault and Rep. Mike Hawker held a joint event.
    • KTUU-Channel 2’s Sheila Balistreri is retiring. After 38 years in broadcasting and 20 years at KTUU, her last broadcast was Friday morning.
    • The Vote No on Ballot Measure 1 movement got a big boost on Wednesday with the formation of a new independent expenditure committee formed by several Alaska Native corporations including ASRC, NANA, Doyon, CIRI, Bering Straits, and BBNC. Rex Rock from ASRC will chair the newly formed organization that has been named “No One on One.” Get it? Bradley-Reid has been retained as the organization’s ad agency. The group is expected to spend approximately $500,000.
    • The Alaska Women in Resources reception was held Wednesday evening at the Anchorage museum. Muchas amigas in attendance.
    • Event:
    1. June 1, 4:00 p.m. “Repeal the Oil Tax Giveaway Auction,” 159 Kniffen Road, Anchorage Fairbanks.. Hosted by Sen. Hollis French, Rep Scott Kawasaki, Ray Metcalfe, Hal Gazaway, Bill Fikes, Sharon Alden, Sean McGuire, and others. “Bring a potluck dish, an auction item and money to spend.”


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8 thoughts on “Loose Lips: Three Valley amigos, tension in Alaska’s GOP, Dahlstrom leaves and Kohlhaas returns

  1. Valley Patriot

    I’m pretty sure that those three are associated with the likes of Mark Ewing and the esteemed Steve Menard. Can you say “ew yuck”?

    And Rupright is a borderline alcoholic who does not look as good in cut-off Daisy Dukes as he thinks he does.

  2. David T.

    Concerned about the layoffs at Providence Hospital. 200 workers therre, who you have to assume make decent paychecks, makes an impact, especially if more layoffs are forthcoming. This is the first I heard of it. Is the governor on to of this? Should the state be concerned? At a minimum, I’d like the governor to tell us why. Is it because the state didn’t accept Medicaid expansion? Is it the impacts of the Affordable Care Act? Or is it anticiating the effects of the rate review resentation recently made by DHSS staff? I’d just like to know.

  3. Valley Voter

    iThree Amigos! It may prove to have been a less than clever “joint” decision to label your opponents, “the Three Amigos.” The Three Amigos are the good guys who want to see that justice is done by saving the townspeople from a gang of corrupt bandits…and the Amigos win in the end! The burning question is: If Purcell, Jacobson and Rupright are the Three Amigos, who is El Guapo?

  4. Alaska Cod Piece

    I saw that Dan Sullivan spent a day in Kodiak this week — I thought that DNR Dan had finally found the courage to make his way to a fishing town to talk about our State’s largest employer, the seafood industry.

    But no — it was Mayor Dan Sullivan from Anchorage, not DNR Dan (OH>DC>AK).

    Continuing snub of coastal/rural communities noted.

  5. Nora

    I wonder if Dahlstrom is still man at Ohio Dan for being terrible at his job as AG when he misinterpreted the laws back when they pulled the ol’ hire-n-fire on her at Camp Parnell.

  6. Anonymous

    I would think Parnell is about to throw Commissioner/ General Katkus under the bus for the same reason Obama jettisoned General Shinseki – he violated the prime directive which is, regardless of the impact of your actions on current or former soldiers, never bring embarrassment unto a professional politician especially one running for re-election. .
    I wonder who funded this gathering of legislators? I hope the State of Alaska,didn’t have to spend one dime directly or indirectly on this junket. Remember we are now deficit spending state savings at the rate of 7 million per day with a Governor who did not line item veto one cent from the latest budget and who has the unmitigated hubris to announce we are on a sound fiscal footing,

  7. Wondering D

    How many times will the Parnell administration hire Dahlstrom? Just wondering.

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