Lt. gov. candidate Fleener apologizes to Parnell, and asks for apology in return.

Below is lieutenant governor candidate Craig Fleener’s response to the dust-up between Fleener and Gov. Sean Parnell’s campaign. Fleener is running as an independent with Bill Walker. Read the back story here:

I and NCAI conference organizers and participants expected Governor Parnell to speak as listed on the program. When he did not take the stage after he was introduced and I was told by an organizer that he was delayed in traffic, the universal opinion was that Gov. Parnell was a no show. It is now known that Parnell declined the invitation by email to the NCAI office manager but apparently the information never made it to the meeting coordinators, Alaska Native leaders, or conference attendees and Parnell remained on the program. While I did check my sources all the way to the top of those in charge at the conference, I apologize for stating Governor Parnell was an unexcused no-show. I would ask that Governor Parnell and his campaign manager, Jerry Gallagher, apologize for calling me a liar. I would also ask that the underlying Native Alaskan issues addressed in my opinion piece not be lost in this unfortunate dust-up concerning event attendance.


27 thoughts on “Lt. gov. candidate Fleener apologizes to Parnell, and asks for apology in return.

  1. LysanderSpooner

    Looks like the Parnell lackeys had a field day here. Unfortunate that the real issue at stake ends up obscured in a flurry of name-calling and fake outrage. Neither side is blameless in this regard, and the saddest fatality, as usual, is serious discussion of a valid issue.

  2. Anonymous

    When you don’t know but you fill in the blanks, that is a lie. When you don’t know and you go with the rumor, regardless of who started it, you lie. Going on the word of the organizers who clearly did not have their act together is a cop-out.

  3. Gray

    All of the Parnell drones (former Palin drones) slowly step away from the koolaid trough.

    The information may not have been accurate, but to lie is to know it wasnt. Many believed it was true and asked people we trust at the top of NCAI.

    The rudeness of the Gov and his staff to start the name calling was childish, unprofessional and beneath the office. That in itself is infuriating that our elected officials would direct or encourage their staff to speak snd act like that. Very liberal like.

    The Gov needs to apologize to Alaskans for his behavior and and for allowing his staff to speak about citizens the way they did i stead of just saying that its not accurate information then releasing their proof. Name calling like that is a shame and it has brought out the animal instinct in the hoard of Parnellites.

    Grow up people!

  4. Buch Hensley

    I always find it disturbing when those in leadership send out their lapdogs to launch public ad hominem attacks against citizens with opposing viewpoints, rather than dealing with the relevant issues. Are Fleener’s eyewitness account of the NCAI proceedings and reporting of what he was told by the event’s organizers truly an embarrassment? I would submit that the true embarrassment for all Alaskans is that when a citizen dares to offer legitimate criticism of a sitting administration’s policies, he is castigated by the administration’s minions as a “liar”. While this technique may work well in other places, most Alaskans see right through it. Fleener has demonstrated true character and leadership by leaving a high paying position in the Parnell administration to try to correct failing policies, rather than collect a fat paycheck to perpetuate and make excuses for such policies.

  5. anonymous

    His data about parnellls reasons for not being there came from the president of THE NCAI. even he, himself, didn’t know what happened to the gov-r. PARNELL WAS ANNOUNCED FROM THE STAGE.

    Fleener apologized for being misinformed. He didn’t lie-he didn’t know. HUGE DIFFERENCE! But name calling is such a low standard for parnells administration.
    The leader is someone, in my opinion, who has enough guts to point out the true facts. Parnell is often a no-show. IT IS an unfortunate FACT

  6. Mary Elsa Petrovitz

    So, when your people beloved governor misleads Alaskans and doesn’t mention the we are, as a state, in state of deficit. You don’t call that lying?!?!

  7. Paulette

    Obviously Kotz you have not met Craig and I for one wholeheartedly support him. He is a kind honest man who is being thrown some rotten eggs. If you are really from Kotz then you’d know that the values in which we share are a much more higher standard then in what you wrote. Craig has been in the Military for 28 years, he worked for his consortium of 10 Tribal Governments and is a biologist. He is Cristian and man if integrity!

  8. Anonymous

    New to politics? He seemed very adept at lying and using it to his political gain. MORE IMPORTANTLY, he is not new to LIFE. And the rules of telling the truth and not hurting others have not changed since he was born. He either has integrity or he doesn’t. GIven how long it took him to apologize and the kind of an “apology” it was — half of an apology and overshadowed by his arrogant demand for an apology from the governor and an accusation that the governor lied, which he didn’t — is proof he has no integrity.

    I am in awe of the blind allegiance to this man who clearly takes pot shots and lies to try to get ahead. Are you Fleener supporters on drugs? Seriously. Your reality is warped. Or your ethics are situational and politically biased. Which one is it?

  9. Rachel

    Hey Mae, you spelled “Lier” wrong. I think you meant to spell it “Liar” or perhaps, “Craig Fleener.”

  10. Gina R.

    I’m a Craig Fleener supporter. I’m surprised at the negative reaction to Craig. Okay, he made a mistake. No big deal. Apologizing is hard for all of us. But he apologized. What people are forgetting is that he’s new to this political world. You need to cut him some slack. He made a mistake but he’s trying to riase issues that need discussed. Just get off his back. It was an honest mistake. When this is alllover, Fleener is going to kick Parnell’s ass good. You watch and see.

  11. Vic

    For you Walker for Governor fans, you must be angry about Fleener’s behavior. What you should be even more angry about is that Walker hasn’t asked the guy to step down. I hope he doesn’t. I like Fleener being a giant zero hung around his neck. To me, Fleener will always be “THE LIAR”.

  12. M. Davis

    Here’s a needle Craig, you can use it to pop your head. It’s obscuring my view of the room and has you thinking that you’re something more than you are. Your behavior is attrocious.

  13. M. Davis

    Fleener has proven he is not a leader. For reasons beyond my comprehension, he’s one of those small minded egotitical individuals who has real trouble admiting a mistake and/or apologizing for it. If he is this intellectually and emotionally challenged, there is no place for him in public office.

  14. Donna

    This is a story of a simple uninformed mistake growing into an inescapable political stain. It is mind boggling how poorly this was handled by Mr. Fleener. A simple straight forward apology would have turned the matter into a non-event. Instead, they thre fuel on a simmering fire. I agree with most of the other commenters. I think it’s time for Bill Walker to get a new running mate.

  15. John Smith

    The last sentence of Mr. Fleenor’s original Op Ed piece in the ADN reads:

    “Right now Alaska needs clarity, determination, resolve and fresh energy from a leader who can lead by example and show command, not timidity, in the face of adversity.”

    I agree with Mr. Fleenor that Alaska needs a leader that shows command, not timidity in the face of adversity. Unfortunately for Mr. Fleenor, his pieces was completely devoid of fact and his subsequent “apology” (and I use that term loosely) confirmed my suspicion that this man lacks character, integrity or humility in the face of correction. A leader is one who is willing to show others the proper way to conduct themselves when they have made a mistake. Mr. Fleenor created an opportunity to show leadership in this instance, and has failed miserably. This apology is childish, foolish and lacks any semblance of ethical standards and behavior. I have no time for this type of behavior, particularly from someone that is seeking trust and faith from citizens in the state of Alaska, and I am sure that there are many others who feel the same way. Mr. Fleenor, no thank you.

  16. Rich W.

    Well, thanks to Craig Fleener’s mental modgetry, Bill Walker’s campaign is turning into a sitcom. What kind of bone head makes fraudulent claims, is upset when he’s called on the carpet for it and then offers a kind of, sort of half-hearted apology and then demands one in return. I think it’s time that this bozo recognize his mistakes and this time “man up” and drop out of the race. There have been some real jokes in Alaska political history. Mr. Fleener has niw joined the ranks of Ray Metcalf, Mayoral candidate Mafia Mike, Kelly Wolfe and others.

  17. Lynn Wilis

    Mr. Fleener made the mistake and he should have ended his efforts with the apology alone. The demand for a quid pro quo gesture from the Parnell camp mooted Fleener’s efforts.
    Parnell’s last five years has provided the opposition a “target rich environment” of issues for this campaign. Maybe Fleener has learned to more objectively pick his battles. Parnell similarly snubbed the President of the United States when Obama stopped in Alaska on his way to Asia. This practice by the Governor of avoiding his political opponents might not have been the issue Mr. Fleener should have chosen to fall on his own sword.

  18. Mae

    Way to go Fleener!
    So Parnell what say you?
    Do you plan on making this the worst thing ever for someone to do this, call you a lier and totally ignore the obvious elephant in the room: your inability to step off your white bread and into the real world?
    How long are do you plan on ignoring Alaska Natives?
    Till the next photo op?

    So Parnell are you going to show up in a village? Campaign like you care? Or ignore rural Alaksa unless you have a oil rep in tow and you make a unplanned pit stop in a slope village?

    Seriously, you couldn’t even write a letter or do a vid, welcoming the NCAI ?
    I realize folks attending the NCAI aren’t oil executives, but dang Parnell your true colors are showing. Again…

  19. Anonymous

    Precisely. First, he took too long to apologize. And an apology that comes with a demand for an apology back is not a sincere one. He is convinced he did nothing wrong because he is still pointing his finger at the governor, who did nothing wrong. The governor did not call him a liar. This is ridiculous but it shows his self-serving character. If he checked his facts, he wouldn’t have done this. Running with a lie is not a “dust-up,” Fleener.

  20. cheri

    I never heard of this guy, Craig Fleener, until reading about the ruckus from earlier in the week. This certainly isn’t a very positive way for a candidate to introduuce themselves to voters by getting caught telling a lie. Your apology appears so lame that you further throw yourself under the bus more. I can’t imagine someone of this caliber would be a good public servant. The lie was unfortunate and dumb. The apology approach you selected was dumber.

  21. Truth Meter

    The truth is that Craig Fleener seems to have jumpped the gun and made inaccurate and false statements based on such. His statements were not true. Arguably, they amounted to the equivalent of a lie. Mr. Fleener now is upset thatGovernor Parnell and his campaign manager called him a liar and wants an apology. First, the Governor never called you a liar. So again, your facts are wrong. Second, the campaign manager was harsh but honest in calling you a liar. I don’t think an apology is at all in order nor should have been requested or expected. I think you should start focusing on your facts. I’m not going to call you a liar, however, I have to admit I will find it very difficult to believe anything that you say. Facts are important. Most people suited for elective office know this.

  22. Bob

    Fagan is right. Fleener seems to want to confirm that he is not a leader. Enough already Fleener. We already know it.
    P.S. – Can’t wait for Fagan’s radio show to start. I often times disagree with him but love his radio show persona.

  23. 357

    I hope that candidate Fleener learns from this rookie mistake. Public officials need to excecise better judgement than this and verify the accuracy of their information they are utilizing to make a decision. From my perspective, I question Mr. Fleener’s readiness for elected public office. It appears he needs considerable more experience and seasoning before he is worth considering for statewide office. I also find it troubling that he feels that the governor and his campaign manager owes him an apology. This is absolutely nonsensical.

  24. Dan Fagan

    Fleener: I said something that wasn’t true but it wasn’t my fault. Now I deserve an apology for saying something that wasn’t true that wasn’t my fault. Huh? Doesn’t sound like a leader to me.

  25. ADF&G Employee

    This episode of false accusations and subsequent half-apology and request for a concurrent apology says quite a bit about Craig’s ability and acumen at handling problems. I worked with him at ADF&G and can tell you there were no tears shed when he announced his resignation. As a supervisor he demonstrated time and time again a ridiculous self-centered attitude where every decision had to be about him. It was tiring. We have enouugh politicians that are reckless and self-absorbed. This is exactly what Craig would be. His entire incompetent handling of this minor mistake is demonstrative as to who Craig really is.

  26. A Kindergarten Teacher

    Are you kidding me? How childish is this guy Fleener? I started to laugh until I realized the absurdity that he wanted an apology. Frankly, I have students who have a higher level of maturity on right and wrong than Mr. Fleener is demonstrating on this matter. While I haven’t made up my mind who will get my votel in the gubernatorial election, I am comfortable eliminating Walker from consideration if Fleener is going to be a heart beat away.

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