Mallott and Begich will team to hire 52 new staffers in rural Alaska

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Byron Mallott’s campaign manager said on Monday night that Mallott’s campaign will be coordinating with U.S. Sen. Mark Begich’s campaign, and that the two of them collectively will hire 52 new, paid staffers in rural Alaska. Thirty of those will be full time positions, Mary Halloran, the campaign manager said, and the remaining 22 will be part time.

The “coordinated campaign,” as the Democrats call it, will also open up field offices in the hub cities of Bethel, Nome, Dillingham and Barrow, Halloran said.

It’s unclear as of yet who will pay for what.

Halloran told a group convened for the first gathering of “Alaska Women for Mallott” that putting those resources in rural Alaska allows more time and energy to be put into working the rail belt, where the majority of Alaska’s population resides.

Begich won by about 4,000 votes in 2008 against the late Sen. Ted Stevens. Even though Stevens spent much of his career focused on helping rural Alaska, Begich was particularly strong in the region. And the campaign is obviously betting on the fact that teaming up with Mallott, who is an Alaska Native, will help both candidates.

Mallott himself wasn’t at Monday night’s event. He was at a funeral of a family friend.

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9 thoughts on “Mallott and Begich will team to hire 52 new staffers in rural Alaska

  1. akmom

    I know right? My head exploded just a little too since I think this blog is terrific as well. Catnip for political junkies……..

  2. Mae

    How many times did I get fancy, glossy flyer of a candidate back in the village. Lots. They make great paper airplanes and folded right, a proper boat will float in a mud puddle.

    How many times did a candidate stop through, to answer questions. While on a 2 day, 6 village tour? Lots.

    And don’t get me started on Don Young. He is the invisible grouchy guy who yells. Sheesh he has spent more time with the tea party crowd than he was a “river boat captain” and talking/visiting folks in rural Alaska combined.

    I want to know the issues. I want to know what they think of ANILCA Title 8. And do they think the earth is 6,000 years old when my culture has been here 10,000?

    Hiring 50+ people in rural Alaska is huge. It speaks “I want to know what’s going on & I want people to know me as a candidate.”

    This ain’t no glossy flyer campaign that Mallot and Begich are running.

    While the acolodales below are well deserved, Amanda, I do question why now? Because this is a huge campaign move and those praising know it? So it is better to mention or focus on something else? Maybe.
    No need to answer, just a thought.

    In the mean time I just want to see Bartender Dan and Weasel Lesil debate. Cause there more to this 50+ hire in rural alaska to surface!

  3. Lynn Willis

    Will Sean Parnell now boast about these 52 “additonal new jobs” that were created in Alaska while he was Governor?

  4. Milton Friedman

    Since they are sharing campaign staff, I am assuming then that they are sharing the same views on the issues that are important to Alaska then? That could get a bit risky for both candidates . Seems rather desperate in my opinion.

  5. Southpark Sue, you are amazing. You are breaking a lot of story and putting up a considerable amount of content for a one person operation. At least my assumption is that you’re a one person shop; yet, you put up a lot of oriiginal content and break some of the most interesting politicsl dtories almost daily. My hat is off to you and am appreciative of all your work and the information you make available on your blog. I think that you are, by far and a way, the best political reporter in Alaska. But, you’rre more than just a good reporter. You are also an amazing political analyst and are able to tell the back story and what it means. Enjoy your blog immensley. Keep it up. A lot of us depend on you for our political news.

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