Mayor Dan goes ‘extra mile’ by paying city $214 for fundraisers

15868858_lThe Anchorage Daily News is reporting that Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan “has paid the city $214 as reimbursement for time he spent at a pair of political fundraisers while on publicly funded trips.”

In early December, a firm that has a contract to lobby for the city held a fundraiser for Sullivan, who is running for lieutenant governor. Sullivan was in D.C. to meet with the congressional delegation. The fundraiser took place in the evening. Another fundraiser took place in the Kenai, after Sullivan addressed the chamber of commerce.

The fundraisers didn’t violate city code, but Sullivan said that APOC advised him to “go the extra mile.”

According to the ADN, the total costs of the trips are unknown. The airfare and the hotel for Sullivan and two aides to travel to D.C. was $3270, which was paid for by the city. The $214 comes out of a calculation that Sullivan devised based on how much time he spent at the events.

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6 thoughts on “Mayor Dan goes ‘extra mile’ by paying city $214 for fundraisers

  1. angry and disgusted

    The mayor’s gravitas and arrogance goes beyonof reasonableness. His DC fundraiser appears to be little more than a shake down of a municipal contractor. Maybe he didn’t break any laws or ethical codes. He did, however, demonstrate that he has little common sense on the difference between right and wrong. Frankly, I think the Mayor is proving himself in the past year, time and time again, that he is not fit for public office. As a long time registered Republican, I pray that Governor Parnell ends up with a better running mate than this clown. His arrogance is frightening. People like him will only continue to abuse power and the public trust.

  2. Mayor Dan

    Out of an 84 hour trip, 3 hours were spent at the fundraiser in D.C., including travel time to and from the event. Costs are allocated accordingly. This is the appropriate method for calculating personal time on government trips.

  3. Turnagain resident

    $214 ? Mayor Sullivan obviously doesn’t know the difference between an inch and a mile. This speaks legions about his character or lack thereof. I voted for the mayor when he ran last; however, I find his conduct of late to be disgusting. I will not ever vote for him again.

  4. Lynn Willis

    This is interesting. Exactly how much event attending time does $214.00 purchase? Is it cheaper in Alaska than Washington D.C.?

  5. Mat-Su Miner

    Yes sir, now here’s a candidate not confused or conflicted about his ethics. I submit, not one bit. Nope not at all. What we have here is a candidate without ethics and someone who doesn’t have the good sense of knowing right from wrong.

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