McGee files to run for Costello’s seat: Oil will be watching.

Marty McGee, the tax assessor that Gov. Sean Parnell fired in January, has filed to run for Mia Costello’s House seat in West Anchorage. He switched his party registration from Republican to Democrat to do so. Liz Vazquez, David Nees, and Sherri Jackson have all filed letters of intent for the Republican primary.

McGee is not an oil industry ally and they will be watching this closely. Before being fired, McGee chaired the State Assessment Review Board and pushed for a much higher valuation of the pipeline, which resulted in the oil industry paying millions more in taxes than they would have otherwise. He’s also supporting the oil tax repeal. For more, read both KTVA’s Rhonda McBride and APRN’s Alexandra Gutierrez stories.


3 thoughts on “McGee files to run for Costello’s seat: Oil will be watching.

  1. Millerr Time

    This guy was fired from the Municipality of Anchorage. He was dismissed from the SARB board. Now, he wants Alaskans to elect and help him carry forward his personal venfetta against the Municiipality and the State. Sorry Mr. McGee, I don’t think Alaskans are that stupid.

  2. Vic

    This guy has an ax to grind against the industry. Let’s all remember that he was fired from the MOA and then proved his unprofessional bias again on the SARB board. We need to habe a healthy balanmced relationship with the oil and gas industry. It shouldn’t be partisan. It should be based on facts and reason as opposed to disingenuous and information not factually based. I don’t think Marty will be good for Alaska.

  3. Andy

    Liz, David and Sherri. Impressive. Liz has the money and seemed to have a nice messaging in South Anchorage – some mail a bit quirky (friend showed me delivered card or brochure about Segway campaigning). The engineer Bell, as I recall, trounced her, but she’s hard working from what I heard that way – my friend said she came by three times to his door – bordering annoying; David has the charisma and is a bright guy – not sure how much solidarity there is with teachers and if so then then I guess Williams the math teach in Valley should do well over Hollis…..but heard Nees on radio shows and he was a tad extreme (yup – love talk radio but dislike all the negative of politics). I think Jackson was community council – recall her in Sand Lake area re: development in ADN.

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