McGuire airing first radio ad in lieutenant governor’s race

Alaska state Sen. Lesil McGuire is airing her first radio ad—a $5000 buy—in her quest to be lieutenant governor. McGuire is running against Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan in the Republican primary, who, to my knowledge, has not yet begun running ads. While Sullivan will likely go after the more conservative primary voter, McGuire is positioning herself as a listener, a “visionary” and a “consensus builder,” one who would appeal to audiences tired of leaders displaying “too much arrogance and disregard for what matters.” Click on the hyperlink to listen to the spot.  


7 thoughts on “McGuire airing first radio ad in lieutenant governor’s race

  1. Anonymous

    How because maybe she enjoys drinking… ever think about that? She obviously makes many Alaskans happy with her advocacy
    and efforts as a lawmaker, including myself, or else she wouldn’t have been voted into office for House and Senate for 13+ years. As for Mr. Anderson, really?! Why bring up that he’s a felon? Old news, TVOR!! How about we focus on the fact that he produced an awesome radio spot, because he owns a very respectable communication firm. Sounds like you’re not actually confident but a bit jealous and unnerved at Team McGuire.

  2. Milton Friedman

    Just as I suspected, Lesil supporters are voting more against Sullivan that for Lesil. Speaks volumes. What union are you associated with?

  3. Jackson

    TVOR’s comments are reprehensible and sexist. He claims she doesn’t have a chance. If that were true, why then bother to make an issue of it. The comment posted was done by someone such a low life that they obviously didn’t have the courage to make these statements under their own name. They were made by a fraudulent coward.

  4. TVOR

    Does “visionary” mean bought and paid for by the highest bidder? Her support has recently come from her felon ex-husband Tom Anderson and local union money. This woman is not a conservative republican. Let’s not talk about voting record yet…just review her drinking record! She has a serious drinking habit and she should find herself in REHAB not on a campaign. Word is she recently found herself so drunk at a Kenai golf excursion that she vomited all night and next day in a brand new Lexus. Why drink so much? Poll numbers showed that she was losing already.
    This woman doesn’t have a snowball’s chance.

  5. Debbie S.

    Really nice radio ad. Warms my heart to see young women succeeding in politics and business. We need women leaders. Sen. McGuire is such a contrast to the good old boy style of politics that Mayor Dan Sullivan represents. I am tired of his bully-like arrogance and special favors for his buddies. Dan Kendall running MLP is an example of the type of cronyism that runs rampant at City Hall. The tennis courts for the mayor’s neighborhood a travesty especially when we need more funding for schools. Then, his unethical trip to DC for political purposes on the public dime. Along with his female travel companions, is a bit much to stomach. I am glad Lesil McGuire is challenging this politician we call our mayor. Enough is enough.

  6. Jillian

    Go Lesil. I want you to beat Mayor Sullivan. He is. A terrible and insensitive mayor. He is not a trusted public servant. It’s time for him to find a job in the private sector where he really has to work. That’ll be something new to him.

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