Mid-evening primary election tweets and tidbits

If you’re online, go here or here to watch the election results. If you’re in Anchorage, head down to the Egan Center to watch with a crowd. If you want to get personal with a campaign, here’s a list of election night parties.

In 2010, Lisa Murkowski and Scott McAdams bumped into each other at the Lucky Wishbone. Today it was:



One thought on “Mid-evening primary election tweets and tidbits

  1. Zippy

    Late night, election night was a cross between Romper Room and Kindergarden Cop in terms of the way the media and Sullivan campaign interacted. What a mess. What immaturity. Totally bizzarre. And then there was the Adult Supervisor, who happpened to be the Publisher of the state’s largest paper, who was also acting like a 3 year old. Talk about comic relief.

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