Murkowski delivers for tribal health centers across the state

On Monday evening, U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s office announced that after year-long negotiations with the administration and Congress, the Interior Department’s budget includes full funding for six new tribal health facilities across Alaska and $66.2 million to staff these facilities.

“Murkowski is the top Republican on the Interior Appropriations Subcommittee, and was able to leverage her position to assure the government will fulfill the Nation’s trust responsibility with its first peoples in the delivery of health care,” a press release said.

Murkowski is one of the few Republicans in the Senate who is open to negotiate and to occasionally compromise with her Democratic colleagues and with the Obama administration. Although she gets criticized for doing so, it can also lead to results.

Here’s a list of who got what:

  • Southcentral Foundation, $11.2
  • Norton Sound, $8.4M
  • Tanana Chiefs, $20.1M
  • Barrow, $12.5M
  • Copper River, $3.5M
  • Kenaitze, $10.6M

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2 thoughts on “Murkowski delivers for tribal health centers across the state

  1. Samuel Abney

    Love, love, love this woman. There’s so much I don’t agree with her on, but I still think she’s the best vote I’ve ever made.

  2. Lynn Willis

    Results from an elected official? Negotiations ? We don’t need no stinkin results from negotiations. What we want is the gridlock that only a true partisan purebred can give us. What are you trying to do Lisa, act like Ted Stevens?

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