Murkowski schools the Senate on fish guts

Yesterday, as part of the U.S. Coast Guard Act, Congress voted to extend a moratorium that was set to expire in a week that exempts small commercial fishing vessels from needing incidental discharge permits. Without that exemption, small commercial fishermen need permits, or fear being fined by the EPA for hosing fish guts off their decks. Murkowski is pushing to make the exemption permanent. Here she is on the Senate floor, talking fish guts:


7 thoughts on “Murkowski schools the Senate on fish guts

  1. Rusty Lee

    Because focusing on fish guts is critically important while Congress is busy pushing though a yet another HUGE reckless spending bill??????? Can we focus on the BIG PICTURE PLEASE???????

  2. AH HA

    And something to think about, Now that there are more than enough Republicans in the Senate to secure a majority, Does Lisa still have the chops with them or is she going to get sidelined? she has not been exactly loyal while they were in the minority and this may now become expensive for her..

  3. AH HA

    I always thought the this is where Begich missed the message. He tried to link himself to her but did not have the nerve to say why she was so far to the left. Instead he tried to show that he had moved to the right.. Of course Lisa did not appreciate him trying to make the link because she does not want to look any farther to the left than she is forced to. (she needed a beard is it were)

  4. AH HA

    Don’t forget, Murkowski (spelling?) has not really been all that much a member of the minority… She had to run as an independent after failing to win her primary as a Republican… Her ‘Independent’ bid was paid for by the biggest left leaning organizations in the state. She one and was allowed to caucus with the republicans but could just as easily have caucused with the Dem’s since they and everyone else was well away she was going to be forced to carry water for her benefactors for a quite a while….

  5. Rich

    Murkowski fights for Alaska. For being in the minority, she actually accomplishes a fair amount. Next year, as a member of the majority, look out.

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