National attention given to Sullivan’s success and Treadwell’s fundraising failures

This week isn’t starting off too well for GOP Senate candidate Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell. Two stories, one in Politico and the other in The Hill, were published on Sunday, both of which highlight how much money his challenger in the GOP Senate primary, Dan Sullivan, has raised and how little Treadwell raised in the fourth quarter: Sullivan’s $1.25 million to Treadwell’s $228,000. Treadwell was among what Politico called the “10 fundraising losers.”

U.S. Sen. Mark Begich raised a respectable $850,000.

Treadwell has about $95,000 cash on hand. His campaign debts total more than $141,000, including money that Treadwell lent his campaign. So it appears that he’s operating in the red. Sullivan’s campaign says that it has about $1.1 million cash on hand. Begich has $2.8 million.

According to Politico, internal polls show that Treadwell has a better chance of beating Begich than does Sullivan. However, such low numbers “scare national Republican strategists,” says Politico. It should be noted that so do articles like those in Politico and The Hill.

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3 thoughts on “National attention given to Sullivan’s success and Treadwell’s fundraising failures

  1. e-thoughts

    Don’t know much about how much it takes to run a campaign. Do know it is a big number. Already Begich is sitting o millions. The republican nominated candidate will have to be close to parity to mount a credible candidate against the incumbent. Sounds like Treadwell is toast. Be interresting to see how long it takes him to get smart enough to back out gracefully. If he and Sullivan were friends they should work together to beat Begich who is just to darb liberal for Alaska.

  2. Shannon

    The national media will be all over our senate race this year as it could play a pivotal role in the control of the senate. I started out liking Treadwell. However, his “newly fouind” conservatism was a real turn-off for me. I’ve known jim for almost 20 years and am turned-off by this new act. I think it has been his failing as he hasn’t inspored people to give. It’s hard to be inspirational when you’re not believing what you’re saying. Having courage is important to me. He’s acting alkot like Mark Begich. I don’t know Dan Sullivan that well and will be watching his candidacy closely.

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