New poll shows No on 1 up 6 points, 14 percent still undecided

Oregon-based Moore Information conducted a poll of 500 Alaska likely voters on July 29-31. The poll was not conducted for any political candidate, political party, SuperPAC, or any  group supporting or opposing the repeal of the oil tax bill SB 21. But it did poll on the issue.

Here is the question and the results:

In August, there will be a ballot measure that would repeal Senate Bill 21, a bill which grants tax breaks to oil companies.  Based on what you know and have heard about SB21 and this ballot measure, would you vote yes to repeal tax breaks for oil companies, or no to oppose repealing tax breaks for oil companies?

The breakdown was:

Total Vote Yes – 40%
Total Vote No – 46%

Fourteen percent were still undecided, which seems like a lot two weeks before the election. The margin of error on a poll of 500 is typically plus or minus 4.5 percent. Moore also polls for Senate candidate Dan Sullivan, and has polled for Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Ted Stevens.

Vote Yes spokesperson T.J. Presley said that he wasn’t surprised by the results, considering the millions that have gone into the No on 1 campaign.

“We were always the underdogs,” he said. “We’ll just continue doing what we’re doing.”


One thought on “New poll shows No on 1 up 6 points, 14 percent still undecided

  1. Doug S.

    The Yes on #1 Committee has been less than candid this entire campaign. They have ped fast and loose with the truth. The leadership behing the YES Group hate oils companies and their actions are punitive. Bottom line, it is our economy. People would be silly to vote YES. I urge folks to vote No on #1 to protect our state’s economy, for the continued creation of jobs, new investment, protecting the values of our homes and more. Vote No on #1.

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