Parnell urges UA president to ‘take a stand’

Gov. Sean Parnell wrote a letter to University of Alaska President Pat Gamble on Thursday, urging him to “take a stand,” regarding issues that have plagued University of Alaska Anchorage’s athletic program.

In the letter, Parnell referred to news reports about UAA’s failing hockey program and a 2011 assault between a hockey coach and a student. Parnell said that he has “waited for action from the University’s leadership; however, to date no decisions appear to have been made nor communicated publicly.”

Since news broke three weeks ago on the assault (read more here), the university has been stone silent. Until recently, so was Parnell.

Parnell’s later is dated May 23. Presumably, the letter was leaked shortly thereafter to UAA Athletic Director Steve Cobb, who has been the source of many complaints about the athletic program, and has also been implicated in the alleged cover-up of the assault. Sources say that on Saturday Cobb told his staff about the letter and wondered aloud if his days at UAA may be numbered.

On Monday, Cobb supporters Don Winchester and Steve Nerland sent out a statement in support of Cobb. In that statement, the two seemed to blame the rivalry between UAF and UAA for the controversy surrounding Cobb.

‘”The UAA domination of UAF that (sic) probably doesn’t go over well in Fairbanks up on the Hill,”‘  the statement read. “Nerland, who was born and grew up in Fairbanks was referring to the UA Statewide Administration Building which is on a viewpoint rise high above the Tanana Valley overlooking Fairbanks.”

Winchester said that he “would bet…that secretly UAF wishes they would have as an effective and experienced administrator as Dr Steve Cobb.”

Read Parnell’s letter here: 5.23.13 Patrick Gamble – University Athletics

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  1. Bob M.

    Than goodnes someone in Alaska has some courage and leadership skills. Thank you Governor Parnell for taking a stand.

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