Pre-primary tidbits and tweets before noon

From the Wall Street Journal:

“During a Monday interview on Anchorage radio station KOAN-AM, Mr. Sullivan five different times declined to say whether he is ideologically closer to Mr. Miller or Ms. Murkowski. He said both that he didn’t vote in the 2010 Senate race because, as attorney general, he would have to act on post-election litigation and “someone would say, ‘were you on this person’s side or that person’s side.’”


2 thoughts on “Pre-primary tidbits and tweets before noon

  1. Texas Tim

    Treadwell remains a hypocritical wing-nut. Wasn’t he compaining the last dozen or so forums about “outside” influence. Yep, that be him. Now, he gets some guy that walked on the moon to support him. Hell, can you fault the guy for being excited? He aint got much in the way of supporters so it must a made the boy-wonder feel good. He might not be going to Washington; however, possibly to “infinity and beyond.” Hey, one more thing about this endorsement, I feel it was pretty inappropriate to have made the announcement on University property. Probably no worst than taking a pay check for the past year and not doing a lick of work.

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